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| Updated: March 25, 2021

In 2016, Google® launched a new ad format called bumper ads. These ultra-short ads were just six seconds long, yet they had a significant impact. One study found that 9 out of 10 viewers remembered the short ad. The study also found that 61 percent of bumper ads improved brand awareness.


Since then, six-second ads have spread to social media platforms like Facebook® and Twitter® and even moved to television. They’re often referred to as ‘snackable ads’. Read on to learn how these bite-sized videos can help you grab attention, and how incorporating unique promo items can keep your brand top-of-mind.


Make the most of the time

A quick laugh. A heart-tugging moment. A fabulous feature. You can choose to highlight any one of these things in your ad. By making people smile or showing them how your product will change their life or business, you can intrigue them enough to want to learn more.


Reinforce your brand’s helpfulness by offering a useful giveaway, like an LED light and screwdriver kit perfectly sized for a pocket, purse drawer or bag. Or bring smiles and assistance—just like your brand—with a smiling pack of tissues.


Point toward longer content

A six-second ad is the perfect length to steer people toward a 30-second ad, a blog or a free ebook detailing what your product or service can do for potential customers. You also can catch more attention by offering a memorable giveaway. If you’re advertising your speedy delivery service, consider truck-shaped sticky notes® . They can put your business on the fast track.


Consider going silent

Silence may, in fact, be golden. People watch Facebook videos with the sound off 85 percent of the time. Keep that in mind when creating content. Be sure to up your visual game and include text or subtitles to help get your message across.


Try, try again

Like any form of marketing, experimentation can help you find the perfect sweet spot for your content. When creating ads, remember:

  • Snackable ads don’t need a call to action. They can be used to raise brand recognition just by being fun and shareable.
  • Test your ads to see what works. Maybe three six-second ads will work better than a single snackable ad.
  • Turn longer ads into short bites for brand reminder boosts.

Remember, the goal is to get people to remember your name. Consider having everyone in the video wear a special hat and then offer it as a memorable giveaway. Or, send a unique promo item like a hashtag ear bud holder to those who share your video on social media.


Short, sweet and sharable

The best snacks always pull you in for just one more bite. And so can these ads. With some creativity and a few unique promo items, you can bring people back to snack on your brand again and again.