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Customer reviews can be a fabulous way to gain more business. According to a survey on common factors that influence purchase decisions, more than 37% of people said online customer reviews had a major influence on what they bought. And another survey found that 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase. But those aren’t the only benefits of customer reviews.

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Positive online reviews can help your company rank better in local, organic search results too. No matter what your business’s goals are, there is much to be learned (and benefitted from) when it comes to what your customers have to say (and share) about your brand.


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1. Learn what customers want

No matter your industry or offerings, selling your product or service is easier when you understand your customers’ wants and needs. What problem(s) did they experience that brought them to you? What do they need at this moment? What solutions are they looking for?


Online reviews offer a gold mine of insight into customer needs. You can better understand how to deliver what the customer wants while creating an unforgettable customer experience—all based on what customers are posting online.


2. Improve products and services

When customers leave online reviews, they’re likely providing honest opinions about what they did and didn’t like about doing business with your company. Use this straightforward feedback to improve your products/services. Maybe your prices are too high. Or a product lacks a feature that customers want. Or your lead times are too long. Whatever you’re reading provides you with an opportunity to improve.


Thank customers who left candid, detailed reviews with a memorable giveaway, like a cozy fleece jacket or a beautiful Iridescent Ceramic Mug.


3. Differentiate from the competition

Differentiating your product/service is key to standing out and making more sales. But sometimes, it’s hard to know what truly makes your product better. Review customer feedback to uncover why customers choose you. Then, incorporate the findings across your marketing, using customers’ words to describe what makes your products or services different.


4. Provide memorable experiences

Customer reviews give you hidden insights into things you may have otherwise not realized. Who knew people would be willing to pay extra for your impeccable service? Or that their favourite part of the customer experience is X or Y? Replicate whatever it is that brings your clients satisfaction to impress even more clients and draw in even more leads.

For example, perhaps you discover that people rave about your beautifully packaged new customer welcome basket. Take it the next level by creating a similar experience to thank customers once they complete a project with you. Start with a stylish tote and fill it with memorable giveaways, like a mini umbrella and smooth custom pens or lip moisturizer with mints and a manicure set. And don’t forget the handwritten note of thanks.


5. Offer social proof

Social proof is a powerful way to sway potential customers.

88% of people trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And 92% of people trust non-paid recommendations more than any advertising.

Customer reviews are natural social proof that tells the world how your audience views your business—before, during and after their purchase. Use this information to promote your brand at different points in the customer journey, using natural language and talking points straight from your customer reviews.


Learn from customer reviews

There are countless things to learn from customer reviews. From discovering product improvement opportunities to creating a memorable experience, you can benefit from customer reviews and take your business to the next level. Good luck!


Key Takeaways

  • Read reviews to reveal customer needs.
  • Discover how to improve offerings.
  • Create an unforgettable experience.