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Whether your office offers physiotherapy, imaging, mental health or dental services, knowing how to get patient reviews is important across all healthcare categories. If you’re wondering why, consider these three statistics from the U.S.:

This is good news becuase 68% of customers have left a review for an organization after being asked to do so.

If you’re looking for ways to perfect your ask, we’ve got five simple tips and some branded thank-you gifts to help you get started.


#1: Make leaving reviews easy

Before thinking about how to get patient reviews, you need to designate a space where those reviews can be left. Make sure you have a presence on Google®, Yelp®, Facebook® and/or your organization’s website to make it easy for patients to leave feedback. And be sure to share handouts or QR codes that direct patients to those sites.


#2: Create an “ask” script

By creating (and practicing) a script, your staff will be able to turn compliments or other end-of-appointment communication into a chance to ask for reviews. A script similar to this can make the exchange more comfortable:

“Thank you so much for that compliment. It would be a big help to us if you could review us online at [location]. It helps us to know what we’re doing right and lets other patients know where they can get the service they deserve.”

Offer a branded thank-you gift, like a cell phone wallet or combination phone stand, pen and stylus imprinted with your organization’s website and social pages, to make giving reviews easy.


#3 Use an automatic ask

If asking for reviews face-to-face isn’t possible, consider sending emails or text messages that include an easy, mobile-friendly link to leave a review. By sending an immediate ask post-visit, you can capture reviews while your services are fresh in patients’ minds.

As an incentive, offer to send them a fun mailable item, like multicolour bandages or a 3D face mask.


#4: Reach out to long-time patients

If someone has been coming to your office for five, ten or even twenty years, chances are they appreciate the services you provide—and would be happy to share that information. Reach out to long-time patients through the mail or a phone call and:

  • Thank them for being a loyal patient.
  • Share that you’d love to get their feedback.
  • Ask if they’d be willing to post an online review.


#5: Reward staff for asking

Even with training, forming a new habit like asking for reviews can be a challenge. You can use fun incentives, such as:

  • High-end wireless headphones for hitting a personal goal, whether it’s number of asks or number of reviews received per week.
  • A contest where the person who gets the most reviews in a month receives a packable jacket.
  • Smaller prizes, like wireless chargers, for attending a weekly practice session or doing roleplay with a coworker.


Say hello to potential patients

Once you know how to get patient reviews, it’s likely you’ll start getting more website traffic—and getting more patients. Which can lead to more reviews and even more patients.