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| Updated: March 07, 2022 3 min read

It’s time once again to start thinking about the first day of a new educational journey. More than 130,000 schools nationwide will open their doors (or their online classrooms) to feed students heaping helpings of knowledge. As staff and educators plan lessons and prep buildings, and students get ready to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboards, our 2021 back-to-school promotional item ideas can help you make it the best year yet.


Acknowledge hardworking staff with school giveaways

Over the last two years, schools have faced challenges that involved new technology, new health regulations, and new lesson plans that had to work virtually and in-person, hands-on or hands-off. To put it mildly: There’s never been a better time to show your staff some love by giving them thoughtful school giveaways.

A Crossland® Fleece Jacket is a great way to keep that fresh fall chill at bay and a Two-Tone Tote Bag with lots of pockets for pens, books and electronic devices will help them get organized and ready to roll on day one.

Whether they tote water or coffee, a Milo Vacuum Tumbler will helps keep their beverage at the perfect temperature longer. And a Pocket Power Bank can be a great way to keep teachers powered up all day by allowing them to juice up their phone while it’s tucked away in their bag or while they’re on the go.


Prepare students for their first day with back-to-school supplies

From kids stepping into the classroom for the first time to adults pursuing their Ph.D., everyone needs school supplies to help them make the most of their education. Start their day off right by handing out school giveaways.

Help students get the most of their education with a kit that contains a fun Mood Pencil, an Avendale Soft Touch Stylus Metal Gel Pen and a Large Narrow Ruled Spiral Notebook. Make it easy to carry their new gear around with a Felix Two-Tone Laptop Backpack and a Zippered Pencil Case.


Promote extracurriculars with themed giveaways

While academics are certainly important, quite often, extracurricular activities are what students most look forward to each day. And back-to-school promotional items are a great way to raise awareness and show your support.

If you’ve got an art or music club, give out Music Note Soft Keychains or a Color Pencil Six Pack to boost awareness. Consider handing out a Bungee Rocket to draw people to your math or science teams.

Need to fundraise for your sports teams? Try selling branded First Down Mini Foam Footballs or Sun Catcher Ornaments – Soccer Ball.


Foster alumni and parent pride with school spirit gear

School pride doesn’t stop with staff and students. Parents and alumni will be excited to find new gear that lets them support their alma mater or the school their child attends.

School supporters will love Hanes® Authentic T-shirts or Darien Lightweight Packable Jackets—and they make excellent fundraiser or school store items. Need a way to welcome new members to the PTO? A Printed Silicone Wristband is a great budget-conscious way to greet new members, while a Crossland® Journey Cooler Tote makes a great thank-you gift for library volunteers, event organizers, or anyone else who goes out of their way to help your school.


Get ready for a great year with back-to-school promo products

As staff and students turn to a new page, back-to-school promotional items can help provide a boost to school spirit. And help make 2021 the best year ever.