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| Updated: September 21, 2020 3 min read

Nonprofits receive more than 30% of their donations in December, which is why fundraising at the year’s close is so critical. As you prepare for the year ahead, we have some fresh ideas to help you out. Take a look at five of the best holiday fundraisers.


1. Organize a decorating workshop


Workshops can be held in person or virtually. Put together and sell kits that get everyone into the holiday spirit. A kids’ version could focus on an ornament while adults could create a wreath. Walk them through it step by step via video, live streaming or face-to-face.


Include a wreath ornament or other holiday promotional item in their kit that reminds them of your organization for many holidays to come.

2. Offer a chance to see Santa


Many people’s favourite memories of the holidays revolve around Santa. Let parents donate to your cause and give their kids a chance to talk to Santa Claus in person, via online video conferencing or over the phone. You can follow up with a handwritten note to thank the kids for saying hello.


3. Look to the tree business


In Canada, consumers spend millions of dollars on Christmas trees every year—and their next tree could come from you. Talk to a local tree farm (Canada is home to more than 1,800 of them) and see if your organization can:

  • Have volunteers work at the tree farm in exchange for taking a percentage of sales.
  • Buy several trees in bulk to sell at your office. You can even post pictures and dimensions and let people do their Christmas tree shopping from home.


If someone purchases a tree that benefits your organization, consider giving them a festive cookie cutter as a thank-you gift.


4. Get them moving


Jack Frost may be nipping at everyone’s nose, but it can still be a lot of fun to get out and run. Pick a date for a virtual walk (or even a week, to allow for extra flexibility), let people fundraise and give them a place to report their time.

Add extra fun by live streaming or prerecording an opening and closing ceremony thanking people for their participation. You can also send a holiday promotional item like a toque to keep them warm while they walk or run for your cause.


5. Host an auction


Ask for donations with a holiday theme—think gift baskets, sweet treats, homemade sweaters—anything people or organizations are willing to give. Create an online auction on your website or host one via social media by posting items and letting people bid for a set period of time.


Thank your top auction winners with a festive-coloured tumbler.


Festive fundraising


Whether you get people moving or simply move them to donate, the best holiday fundraiser is the one that captures the attention of supporters. And every dollar donated will help you serve your community while offering them a chance to take part in the spirit of giving.

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