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| Updated: January 13, 2021

While compensation is a big consideration when recruiting and retaining top sales people, it is less important when it comes to driving performance. Experts say monetary incentives may actually not by the best way to drive results, yet compensation remains the single largest marketing investment for most B2B companies.  For meaningful sales rewards and employee recognition gift ideas beyond cold hard cash, keep reading.

Best gifts for employees and popular promotional products that work

When choosing employee recognition gifts or incentives, look for something with universal appeal.  Gifts should work for all employees, no matter their gender, age or number of years with the company. Make sure it is something that has value and meaning and fits with your company culture. Here are some ideas:

Extra vacation time

Time off can be a great performance motivator. After all, you can’t put a price on time. If you can manage it, offer a half-day Friday or an extra full vacation day for meeting sales goals. Inspire team members to make the most of their time off with popular promotional products, such as logo’d beach towels and sunglasses or a branded golf kit.

Paid trips

Reward top sellers with an annual trip—it’s a great way to say thanks while building camaraderie. Send those who meet targeted goals on a cruise or to an island resort. Make a stellar presentation by giving out tickets in a company logo’d luggage tag or RFID-protected passport wallet.

Exclusive club membership

Establish a top performers club for those who achieve a certain level of performance. Perks may include invitations to exclusive dinners, discounts on products and services, or special employee recognition gifts like a commemorative watch or clock/photo frame.

Team events

A team dinner, cocktail party, sporting event or concert not only offer a well-deserved pat on the back, it provides an opportunity for teambuilding. Rewarding the group as a whole encourages teamwork, collaboration and a little competition. Help staff remember the night by providing an event-themed gift. Branded wine keys, baseball caps or drawstring sportpacks are great options.


Remember, money talks when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent. But motivating employees to sell takes much more. Try one or more of these incentives and watch your results soar.