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| Updated: March 18, 2021

Money talks, but can it buy the motivation of your sales team? While cold, hard cash can be a driver for some salespeople, studies have shown that it doesn’t always contribute to motivating sales teams in the long run. Enter company thank-you gifts.

Incorporating thoughtful company thank-you gifts into your sales incentive plan not only creates excitement and adds an element of fun, but it also provides an opportunity to recognize team members on a more personal level. These gift ideas make great rewards for everyone on your sales team.

Best gifts for salespeople

Keep in mind that the best gifts for salespeople, no matter what they are, have a few things in common. First, how and when your team can earn gifts or incentives must be clear and easy to understand. Second, rewards must be given out in a timely manner—the quicker, the better! Finally, promote your sales programs and incentives. After all, if no one is aware of what’s at stake, how can they pique anyone’s interest?

These company thank-you gifts are not only worth promoting, they’re sure to stir up some excitement, too.

Experience gifts

If you’re looking to connect with employees on a personal level, experiential gifts are a great choice. Research shows giving experiences, rather than material gifts, can improve relationships. Send your top salespeople to a gourmet cooking class. Or charter a boat and arrange for sailing lessons. Provide each participant with a themed gift to commemorate the occasion—for example, a Bamboo Cookbook and Tablet Stand or a Set Sail Boat Tote.

Corporate events

Corporate events are a great way to inspire the entire team to meet sales goals. Choose an event that feels like a reward versus work, such as a pro sporting event, brewery tour or concert. In addition to providing tickets, arrange for transportation and dinner. You may even want to throw in a souvenir, like this logo’d beverage insulator or raglan T-shirt.

Travel gifts

Travel accessories make great company thank-you gifts for salespeople. Most times, travel and sales seem to go hand in hand. In fact, by 2020, Americans are predicted to take 483 million business trips a year. Help them comfortably carry what they need by presenting them with a wheeled carry-on that doubles as a backpack. Toss in a luxury travel pillow and blanket combo plus a set of noise-canceling headphones to help them relax during their travels.


Speaking of relaxation, almost anyone could benefit from some de-stressing. One in four employees names their job as life’s biggest stressor. Help them unwind while rewarding them with a massage for their hard work. Whether you give a gift certificate to an exclusive day spa or offer in-office chair or foot massages, everyone can surely appreciate the sentiment. Couple this company thank-you gift with something to help them continue their pampering at home—a velour robe and some relaxing bath salts are the perfect choice.


We hope these company thank-you gift ideas prove to be motivators for your sales team. Regardless of what you choose, remember to clearly outline the details of the program and promote it. And be sure to give out rewards in a timely manner. Happy selling!