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| Updated: January 14, 2021

You’ve spent months, if not the past year, planning for your trade show. You’ve picked a magnificent expo and secured a great location for your booth. Your exhibit and display graphics are better than you imagined. Some of the top buyers in your industry are coming to check out your latest products or services.

Set yourself up for success with a fully stocked trade show toolbox. Here are some must-have items that will ensure you are prepared when business comes your way. And many of the items also make great trade show swag!

Always be prepared

Toolbox tools

Hit the road with a fully stocked toolbox, literally. Include a screwdriver, hammer and multi-tool for last minute assembly problems. A hot glue gun or some duct tape will quickly fix rips or tears. A mini level will help you hang displays with ease. A box cutter easily opens cartons of literature or trade show promo items. An extension cord may come in handy, too. Carry your items in a Carhartt® Signature Tool Roll and order a few extra to use as giveaways to your best customers and prospects.

First aid tools

Bring a first aid kit that includes the basics. Bandages, gauze, first aid cream and antiseptic towelettes are useful for minor scrapes and cuts. Antacid comes to the rescue when eating on the road. And pain reliever combats pesky headaches and sore muscles from a day on your feet. Make your own first aid kit or order a few Mini Sportpack First Aid Kits or Escape First Aid Kits. Use the extras as trade show promo items.

Tech tools

We rely on technology for everything—product demos, surveys, displays and more. Don’t let a dead device take the charge out of your exhibit. Bring extra batteries, chargers and an assortment of adapters. The Double Agent Charger Tech Kit includes a USB car charger plus a 2-in-1 charging cable. A power bank is another must-have for trade shows. The Mega Power Bank has two USB ports that are capable of charging two devices at once. Finally, keep digital files of everything you need on a Lanyard USB drive. Bonus—these tech gadgets are not only handy, they are among the most desirable trade show swag.


You’ll be set for success when you have a trade show toolbox stocked with these must-have items. The best part is that many do double duty by serving as the best trade show swag. Good luck!