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| Updated: November 15, 2022 3 min read

According to a recent 4imprint survey, more than 50% of companies that attend trade shows go to six or more per year. In fact, conferences and trade shows make up one-fifth of the planned meeting industry—that’s a lot of time in planes, trains and automobiles! If your associates are always on the move, these promotional travel items can help them handle the bumps in the road as they travel from point A to point B.


Have bag, will travel

A checkpoint-friendly laptop bag with lots of pockets will make manoeuvring through airports and carrying needed gear a snap for your trade show team. Bonus: You can present this promotional travel item as a fully loaded gift bag to every new team member.


Get your group some shut-eye

Since your team needs to be “on” from the moment they get to their destination to the moment they check out of their hotel, a good night’s sleep (or a long nap on a plane) can help keep them sharp while they shake hands and make sales. If you’re looking for travel swag ideas to make sure they get their needed rest, try a travel eye mask along with ear plugs, a travel pillow and a travel blanket.


Ease emergencies

From devices with low batteries to paper cuts to lost buttons, minor inconveniences can turn into bigger problems when you don’t have a quick way to fix them. Travel swag, like a first-aid kit, travel sewing kit with brush and mirror, and a charging cable, can help prevent an extra roadside stop or added expenses. Bonus tip: Sewing kits are okayed for air travel.


Problem-solving apparel

When you’re travelling with a team, keeping track of one another during gate changes, hotel-check-ins and food breaks can lead to lost time and frustration. Brightly coloured shirts for men and women will not only make the travelling team stand out in a crowd, but they also create an eye-catching appearance on the trade show floor. And when the weather isn’t cooperating at an outdoor show—or when your associates have to walk from building to building—ensure they stay dry by giving them a poncho that fits in their pocket.


Go team!

As your team heads across the country to introduce your products and services to potential customers, use these promotional travel items for smooth sailing.