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| Updated: January 13, 2021 3 min read

Changing technology, employee needs and a new year all create big opportunities for your organization. These three HR trends and employee giveaways can help your company get ready for 2020.


Remote work management

It’s been estimated that half of all employees will be working remotely in the coming year. As this segment of the workforce expands, HR departments will need to address:

Performance management

Help employees stay productive by tracking employee work time and doing video or phone check-ins.


Stay up to date on how provincial and territorial laws alter payroll considerations.

Hiring and firing

Use technology to perform “in-person” interviews and have processes in place for when an employee is let go, from removing software access to retrieving the company’s digital and physical assets.

Workplace safety

Make remote workers aware of company policies regarding their at-home workspace, data protection and travel procedures.


Employee giveaways like a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag for travel, wireless ear buds for check-in conversations and a USB drive for backing up critical files can make sure your remote employees are ready to work.


Analytics and automation

As more tasks become automated, HR professionals will be able to dedicate additional time to analyzing data and helping upper management make strategic decisions. AI will help simplify the hiring process. AI can walk potential employees through initial assessments and evaluations. If you start to automate some of your HR practices, share HR giveaways like a mouse pad as a reminder that employee answers are just a click away.


Turn data into decisions

Taking a closer look at available data will allow your organization to make more informed choices in a variety of areas, including:



Look at employee salary and benefits packages throughout your industry to ensure you’re staying competitive.


Ask employees what they find satisfying and dissatisfying to help your organization make adjustments that will help retain staff.

Health and injuries

Track illness and injury data to help your organization discover safety issues or prepare for staffing shortages during flu season.


HR will become more like marketing

As data collection becomes a bigger part of the HR process, knowing what interests potential employees about your organization will allow you to better market available positions and your company. Use targeted keywords to create job postings and social media ads that will attract potential employees. Ask current employees to leave reviews of your organization on sites like Glassdoor®. And share employee awards or company events on social media to showcase company culture. HR giveaways can also be used to market your employment opportunities. For example, if you’re hiring drivers, truck-shaped mints imprinted with ways to apply can help keep your employment opportunity “fresh” in their mind.


Trends for a new year

These HR trends mean new opportunities for your organization. And with every marketing opportunity and employee giveaway, you’ll help your company build a better future.