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| Updated: February 19, 2021 4 min read

Fundraising is an ever-evolving process that makes it possible for your nonprofit organization to continue helping those you serve. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fundraising has seen many significant shifts—which is affecting nonprofit fundraising trends in 2021.

As you look for the best ways to find funds this year, we’ve got five trends that will help you continue to do your essential work.

Trend #1: Virtual events will become a permanent fixture

In 2020, many events that previously took place in person moved online—and it’s expected that many of them will stay virtual in the future. There are pros to this trend:

  • You are not limited by geography to find people to attend, speak and donate.
  • More considerable costs, including venues, are virtually eliminated.
  • Because attendees will have to connect online, it’ll be easier to acquire their information—and use it for future fundraising efforts.

And for your top attendees, many fundraising giveaways can easily be put in the mail, whether it’s something fun like a temporary tattoo or a practical item, such as a flashlight.

Trend #2: Recurring donors will become more critical

Recurring donors provide a significant boost to a nonprofit’s bottom line. Recurring monthly support is worth five times more than one-time gifts. In 2021, many nonprofits will start putting more work into transforming one-time donors into recurring donors.

Thank your supporters for their monthly assistance with a fundraising giveaway, like a calendar.

Trend #3: Finding supporters in their spaces

Whether you’re looking to connect with baby boomers or Gen Z, be sure to find them—and offer updates—on their social media platform of choice. By creating shareable content and connecting with influencers in the spaces they usually frequent, you’ll find new supporters.

Trend #4: Look to major donors

While many supporters might be unable to donate this year, there’s a strong possibility that your major donors can continue giving, perhaps at an even higher level.

Reach out to your more fiscally able supporters and consider asking them for a larger donation. It may be helpful to show evidence of increased community need.

If a major donor offers extra support, be sure to provide them with an extra-special thank-you gift, like a gift basket or a high-end co-branded jacket. Make sure you also give them a shout-out (with their permission) on social media and on your website.

Trend #5: Video becomes a necessity

While video has always been a great way to share your message, in 2021, videos will start to go from “extra” to necessity. Why is it suddenly so critical? According to one study, 82% of all online traffic will be in the form of video—which means that if you aren’t using it, your organization might not be getting seen.

The good news is that video and nonprofits make a great team, since videos can be used to:

  • Show the impact of your work
  • Share testimonials
  • Go behind the scenes
  • Make appeals for funds
  • Livestream events

You can even add a cool tech twist to your video content by sending a pair of virtual reality glasses as a fundraising giveaway—and include a link to some exclusive video content.

New year, new trends

As you find new ways to take care of your community this year, you’ll also need to find new ways to find funds. And these 2021 fundraising trends can help you get started. Good luck!