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    promotional products work

    4imprint customers tell you how they have used promotional products to grab attention, grow their business, say ‘thanks,’ raise awareness or otherwise spread the word!

    Welcome to our fifth edition of ‘Promotional Products Work’!

    When we started this project, we were just looking for a way to help people understand how promotional products contribute to an organization’s success—a little ‘show and tell,’ so to speak. Now our little ebook is in its 5th edition, and we have you to thank for that.

    By sharing your stories of promotional product success, you’re not just helping your customers; you’re also helping other organizations discover the power of promotional products. And by extension, you’re helping those organizations help THEIR audience. It’s a beautiful cycle of helping others. I’m so honoured you’ve chosen to let us be part of your story.

    Maybe you need help getting your name out there or increasing your sales. Perhaps you want to inspire your staff or bring in more donations. If any of these scenarios apply to you, check out the stories in this book. Maybe you’ll feel moved to participate in the ‘show and tell’ experiment. You might even see your story in a future edition of this ebook, and you can become a helper too.

    Even if you aren’t interested in sharing your story, go ahead and share this ebook with someone who may benefit from the stories inside. Keep that cycle going.

    Let’s make 2019 another year of helping others.

    Kevin Lyons-Tarr
    4imprint, Inc.

    booth buzz

    Promotional products might be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Up first are ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

    We used our item as a giveaway at a trade show. Was good to see people walking around with our name on their phones. Great marketing! Kelly from Mount Royal

    The product was used at a trade show to get our name out there. They were a fun giveaway that attracted potential clients to our table. Amy from Nepean

    This item was used at a job fair and we wanted to get our company name out to the students. Rosalind from Markham

    Our branded sticky notes will be a great hit at upcoming international trade shows. It’ll be useful for attendees, and “not just another pen” for them, and we’ll get brand visibility for 25x (sheets) after the show at their office. We’re excited to see how far this will go!

    We purchased balloons to add flair and pizzazz to our event. Anonymous

    We handed out journals and pens at our recent women’s conference. The women loved having these items for note taking and they loved the logo. Susie from Windsor

    We use the products we order at recruitment career fairs to attract people to our booth while at the same time providing them with an item that they will use later and others may see and it assists in getting our brand out. Anonymous

    We had ordered the Essential Brief Bag for the delegates attending our International Congress in Vancouver. The red borders of the grey Brief Bag matched perfectly the red maple leaf in the middle of our logo. The bag was a big hit. It was perfect for carrying the
    letter-size notepad and congress booklet and had plenty of space for a personal laptop. Anonymous

    We used these notebooks as a thank you for tradeshow attendees who participated in a demo of our product. They look top quality, and the recipients were excited to receive such a classy looking notebook and pen. Anonymous

    build your brand

    From small business to big business, university to nonprofit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what
    you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

    Participants coming to our conference received a mug with our organization’s logo. They will be reminded of our group for many years.

    We inflated them and left them at the front desk of our hotel during the festival season. We encouraged guests to take pictures with our logo and ball anywhere in Montreal and post it online. This way, they can win a free night. Anonymous

    We use the folder to insert our promotional flyers and our representatives distribute the folder to customers. Jordi from Longueuil

    Your bandage products, with my company email and phone number, were a great giveaway product at a very reasonable cost that the
    potential customers that I gave them to, are sure to hang on to, and will have my company name etc. hanging around for many months
    to come. John from Oshawa

    We give them out to share project information, the logo helps identify our brand. Anonymous

    We have a historic village that provides programs for school-aged children in our 1907 schoolhouse. We give all of the teachers a “Take-Home” package to bring back to their school/class with some activity sheets and a pencil for each student. The children love
    the natural pencils and their parents can see our name. We have had many parents come back with their children for family visits.
    Lisa from Kingsville

    We gave our team the pens so they can use them and share them. Michelle from Calgary

    I give the sunglasses out to friends, clients, and colleagues to increase my brand and as a small thank you gift. In some ways they
    replace my business cards. Todd from Calgary

    We use the pouches to put materials in that we give to home owners at workshops we do. It’s a great way for the home owner to have all the materials in one place, to keep them clean and dry afterwards and keep everything handily stored for future use. Sherri from Edmonton

    for your cause

    Whether it’s a nonprofit, school store or fundraiser, if you need money for the mission, promotional products work.

    It was a gift to our donors with our contact information to increase connections and facilitate repeat donations. Anonymous

    We sold the items as part of an ongoing merchandise corner for the library. The items are selling out quickly, and we have raised the funds we intended to. Jocelyn from Cobourg

    We are taking part in the Darling Golf Tournament and part of the proceeds are coming to the Fairhaven Foundation. Anonymous

    The product ordered was useful to those who chose to support the fundraiser—receiving something of value for their donation—not an item that would end up in a junk drawer. Anonymous

    We used this Kooler Bag to pack lunches for a charity golf tournament. Our golfers were pleased that they could take home a personalized lunch bag from the day on the course. Anonymous

    We had a golf tournament fundraiser and every participant got one. Anonymous

    say thank you

    Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are creative ways to say “thanks.”

    At the Forensic Science Program at the University of Toronto, we host many guest speaker professionals who work in the field. As a thank you for their time and expertise, we try to offer practical gifts that make them feel more valued and give incentive for them to return again. Murray from Mississauga

    As our organization is volunteer-based, a thank you with recognition is important. The product was well received and great quality.

    A thank-you gift for corporate sponsors (after sale customer care). Anonymous

    We like to welcome new people to our practice with a promotional thank-you gift and the tote bag is perfect! It promotes our business and is very functional and useful to the customer at the same time. Anonymous

    At the end of the year, we provide gifts to all employees to thank them for their contribution to the success of our company. All
    products have the company logo to instill solidarity and a sense of culture. Anonymous

    We have a great number of contributors to our pediatric medical education program at McMaster University. Many of those contributors give of their personal time. This is a small way for us to say thank you to them for all they bring to peds education each year. We tend to use this small gift at Christmas and include our yearly holiday card. Kimberly from Hamilton

    Gift for our staff who work outdoors. The Contigo tumblers are awesome for full day warmth and completely spill proof. Anonymous

    Yesterday, our computer banking system was down for 20 minutes, so the tellers had to manually write out every deposit/withdrawal. I passed out one of these mugs to everyone that was affected by the technology difficulties and had a longer than normal wait time. Everyone left smiling because they felt appreciated. Anonymous

    Organized a conference for office staff from around the Western Canada area with guest speakers and used this item to show appreciation. Anonymous

    Our guys in the field love the t-shirts. They are given as a rewards system and they look forward to it! Michelle from Coquitlam

    spread the word

    Whether it’s public safety or a simple community reminder, here are a few ideas to help spread the word about your special campaign.

    I was looking for a fun way to tell the parents to relax in the stands! The stress reliever pucks got a good laugh and the kids love them as well. They have been using them for mini stick hockey!! Stephen from Ottawa

    We purchased silicone wristbands with safety messages on them and handed them out during a family event at the fire station. Weeks later, kids were still wearing them and showing them off to visiting firefighters conducting public education in their school. The wristbands clearly left an impression—just as we had hoped! Anonymous

    Roadwatch is a community-based initiative for citizens to report dangerous and aggressive drivers. We use the logoed giveaway items to assist in reminding citizens about Roadwatch. Marty from Richmond Hill

    We handle recruitment of future students for a post-secondary institution. We are handing these out at our events throughout Ontario
    to help generate brand recognition and to promote our programs. Alyssa from Toronto

    We used the item as swag to boost neurofibromatosis awareness. Our slogan was “You are aMazeing!” Anonymous

    We used the items to promote Four Aspects of Self. Our programs and services are created to support healing in all aspects of self: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Tyler from Garden River

    The ribbons were for all the kids that participated in our first ever Picnic in the Park. This was a community event to promote family time in our local park. Anonymous

    We use our promotional items as gifts to our members to encourage their mental wellness and help them achieve their goals on campus. Anonymous

    Canadian Ski Patrol uses the products to promote safe skiing at the hills. In turn is a way to get our message out to the general public to help promote Canadian Ski Patrol. Ken from Whitehorse

    team unity

    If you’re looking to outfit your team with a unified look, trying to build morale, or wanting to create walking billboards, promotional
    products get the job done.

    We purchased jackets with our facility logo on them to pass out at our annual Christmas dinner for our staff. Anonymous

    Any employee who has been with the company for 5 years received one of these bottles. Amanda from Charlottetown

    Christmas thank you to create team synergy and appreciation. Talie from Montreal

    Our team is motivated by products that carry our logo. This builds a sense of pride and loyalty among staff. Betty from Peterborough

    We filled bags with goodies and shared them with employees who have gone beyond-necessary only in their work performance-for the second quarter. It is fun to give something that can be used over and over again while still looking great. Goga from Tillsonburg

    We used these journals as part of our gift bags for a recent team building event. They matched the branding for the event very well and participants were thrilled to receive them! Anonymous

    We purchased Christmas ornaments with our team logo on them for all of our athletes at the end of our Fall Cheerleading Session.
    Since our athletes continue training into the winter, we didn’t want to give them a medal yet, and the Christmas ornament was a nice way to give a gift and say thanks for supporting our program. The kids loved them, and now they’ll be a part of their Christmas for many years to come! Jennifer from Yorkton

    We have a dispersed group of contractors and employees. Wanted to make them feel connected. Anonymous

    We ordered water bottles as part of team packages for our soccer tournament. Anonymous

    We ordered totes with our society’s logo on them for our members to keep their music in, to protect it and keep it all together. All the singers can proudly show off their affiliation. Paddy from Surrey

    the carrot

    Increase participation, improve registration and maybe even generate additional revenue. When you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look
    for promotional products.

    We tend to use these products for incentives to sign up for membership, also a brand recognition. Anonymous

    This was a gift given to participants who attended a knowledge exchange day. We wanted to encourage people to provide feedback on the day and so we said if they submitted their feedback form they would get the gift. We had 100 percent of the attendees that were there until the end of the session submit. This feedback is going to help us plan for next year’s event. Michelle from Mississauga

    We use the floating key tags to give to new customers when they purchase. We also use for any of our regular customers that
    need or want one, it is a small thing but our customers really like that it is available to them. Anonymous

    We gave this item out as a reward for joining our facility’s Physical Activity Tracker Challenge. We had a 30% increase in sign-ups because people wanted the portion plate! Anonymous

    Bottles were a giveaway registration gift for all lady golfers who entered our tournament. Anonymous

    Gave out as premiums to kids who signed up for our Kids Club. Anonymous

    We introduced bundled pricing, so we used the “warmth kit” (hat, gloves, scarf) as a gift to current customers—along with a travel mug
    and coffee gift certificate—to “Bundle Up” with us. We received a lot of positive feedback and thank you’s. Tammy from Calgary

    The bag is our so-called ‘Spa bag’, guests who book a spa package, receive the bag including bath salts and 2 bottles of happy water. And sometimes we use the ‘spa bag’ as a complimentary gift. Rina from Nakusp

    As an incentive, the shirts are given to the senior volunteers of the centre. Marietta from Burnaby

    We ordered pens and pen/flashlights as a gift to companies that sign up with us. Anonymous

    The Simon Fraser University Postdoctoral Association (SFU PDA) hosts an annual postdoc research day (miniconference at the university). This year we decided to use registration items to increase attendance for the event and it worked as we managed to increase our registration from the previous year. Roger from Burnaby

    Share your success story!

    Have you found success with your promotional products?

    Share your expertise by visiting 4imprint.ca/SwaggingRights and clicking the #SwaggingRights button in your order history. Submit
    your photo with a description of your story. We’d love to share it with others via social media and maybe even in our next edition of “Promotional Products Work”!

    See more ideas and past editions of 4imprint’s “Promotional Products Work!” at 4imprint.ca/EBook

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