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| Updated: January 26, 2022


Promotional Products Work: 5th Edition

4imprint customers share how they used promotional products to grab attention, grow their business, say ‘thanks’, raise awareness or otherwise spread the word!

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Thank you for checking out our 5th edition of ‘Promotional Products Work’! The premise of this collection of stories comes from a ‘Two-Second Survey’ that is sent out after an order is completed with us. Within that survey, customers have offered to share with you the ways that they’ve archived their objectives using promotional products. The stories inside are anecdotes from actual customers who have used the products pictured to move the needle for their organizations. Every time we look through the ideas our customers share, we’re excited to see the new twists and new ideas they’ve come up with!

We are eternally grateful to those who have contributed their stories to help create this latest edition. We hope you pic up a few new ideas from ‘Promotional Products Work — Fifth Edition’— and if you do, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with others!


Kevin Lyons-Tarr


4imprint, Inc.

Table of Contents

  • Build your brand
  • Booth buzz
  • Raising money for your cause
  • Saying thank you
  • Spreading the word
  • Team unity
  • The carrot

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Build Your Brand

From small business to big business, university to non-profit, the name of the game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Promotional products work when it comes to building your brand.

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I enclose my pens in a yearly direct mailer with the goal of turning prospects into customers. I’m guessing almost every piece gets opened because people can feel the pens inside. My bright orange pens grab attention and have staying power beyond my mail piece because they’re useful. National average response rate for direct mail is around 2%, but my mailers usually get about 16%, thanks in part to my branded pens.

Andrea with Compass Writing, # 9630, Krypton Pen

Page 4

I work in real estate and I visit realtors at their open houses to help generate more business. I have started to include the Non-Woven Lunch Bag with our logo and they are a hit! They look great and it’s a gift they will continue to use, and they keep my company on their mind in a positive way.

Anonymous, # 109470, Square Non-Woven Lunch Bag

Page 5

We offered the logo’d tumbler at a set price, and offered it filled with a drink from the bar for just $1 more. We are a golf course and the golfers loved to take the tumblers out on the course in their carts and not worry about spilling them.

Anonymous, # 6915-B, Black Stainless Steel Tumbler 16 oz.

Page 6

We hosted a Fall Fest and printed our sponsors’ names on the bags and put in their promotional items. The kids and parents were given the goodie bags when they got to the fest and used them to put in prizes they won throughout the night. Everyone loves getting free stuff, right? Well, we got to promote our sponsors and give away their coupons and goodies all in one beautiful bag!

Anonymous, # 110040-1511-5, Grab Bag – 15″ x 11″. Opaque

Page 7

We send all potential clients who ask for information about our services a box of goodies and info about our company. It has worked really well so far and we have had a lot of positive response (and landed a few of the accounts too!). Our boxes include several 4imprint items, some literature on our company, and a USB business card.

Anonymous, # 109148-S, Cubano Pen – Opaque

Page 8

The Bethel United Church of Christ gives out a mug with info on church services, a newsletter and hot chocolate mix to visitors to Sunday worship. The pastor lets the congregation know that someone is going to be ‘mugged’ as the visitor receives their mug.

Richard from Elkton, # 87777-5, Budget-Beater White Mug – 11 oz

Page 9

I am a professional dog trainer. Clients sometimes come in with their own bags to hold their dog training supplies. Our new bags are included in our larger training packages, or purchased separately. The zipper top ensures that nothing will fall out, there is a place for pens, business card, water bottle, and more. It is the perfect dog bag!

Victoria with Dream Dogz, # 6258-5, Two-Tone Tote Bag – Screen

Page 10

We used our cups and key tags as a giveaway at our university’s street fair, as well as a thank-you gift to our staff and guest speakers at staff training. People loved them; the cups went well with our ‘Orangeaid’ theme (our school color is orange and we are residence life so the “aid” in assistance), and the key chains were awesome because we manage keys and provide students with ‘Housing’ (we bought the key tags shaped like houses). This was a great purchase and was an effective way to help grow our department’s image with the students.

Justin with Campbell University, # 85026-F, Stadium Cup – 16 oz. – Fluted

Page 11

I am a 24 hour mobile notary public; I go in and out of several locations everyday and give your pens away with my logo on them to every waitress, coffee shop and store that go in, and it works so well that people are always asking me if I have any more pens. I think this is great because besides using my pens for their jobs, they tend to give them out for me so in turn I get more business out of them. If I hand out 20 or 30 pens at one time and I get one $300.00 loan closing deal then that’s money made, and if I don’t get that kind of job, then I at least get my name out there more than it already is. With that being said, it ends up being a win-win situation.

Terry with 24 Hour Mobile Notary Public, # 120169-SIL, Savino Pen – Silver

Page 12

In the past, basic pens from Staples were used. When I ordered the pens from 4imprint, I chose the pumpkin/black color combo just in time for Autumn. It worked!! Patients began to comment on the pens and now the pens are leaving the office. Advertising on the move!!!

Elizabeth with Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists, # 9764, Mardi Gras Pen

Page 13

The portfolio folders give us a professional way to present materials, policies, and proposals to our clients. Also, it gives clients a protected cover for paperwork that they often keep long-term. Of course, the folders have our information so it is always handy for the client.

Juli with Cap1tol Street Financial, # 8581-L, Paper Presentation Folder – Linen

Page 14

We have a Women’s Conference each year, and this year we wanted to give the women a way to remember the verse of the conference. We put the verse on the mirrors, and gave each woman a mirror to take home. Now each time they take their mirrors out, they will be reminded of the conference and the verse.

Crystal with First Baptist Church, # 117480-T, Magnifying Compart Mirror – Translucent

Page 15

Whenever we receive a great review from a patient on our Facebook page we give our patient a tote. We also give out tumblers with a lip balm and a pen whenever new patients come into our office. We have received nothing but compliments about our giveaway products. Especially the pens! Which are always available to our patients at our front desk.

Dr. David with Pier 210 Dental Group, # 104045, Storm Pen

Page 16

In all the years that this podiatry office has been in practice, pens were never even a consideration. In the past few months we are now on our second order of pens. The pumpkin colored pens we ordered in September were a big hit for Halloween. Now the red colored pens we ordered for the Christmas season are just as popular!!!

Elizabeth with Central Jersey Ankle & Foot Care Specialists, # 9764, Mardi Gras Pen

Page 17

We used them for a breastfeeding event and was a hit! Also we celebrated a back to school open house and filled them with school supplies. We used them as well for a donation-promotion for a back to school charity event. They are a great size, and seem to be of good quality.

Anonymous, # 1105-1515 Cotton Sheeting Natural Economy Tote – 15/4″ x 15″

Page 18

Booth Buzz

Promotional products might just be the best thing ever when it comes to making sure your booth is the one they visit. Here are some ways to make sure there is a well-worn path right to your booth.

Page 19

We ordered customized table covers for use during home shows and tradeshows. 10 x10 spaces can be very small, and we try to find additional ways to fit in an extra plug for our company. We use the table covers to display our brand and have incorporated our tagline on the table cover—this reinforces our company’s value proposition. A simple way to add value to a standard booth.

Lori from Daytona Beach, # 2212, Closed-Back Table Throw – 6′

Page 20

Our nonprofit recently ordered promotional items from 4imprint to give away at a national conference to help promote our 2014 state conference. The state conference theme chosen was based on taking an expedition, so the promotional items purchased needed to carry that theme. To ensure this, our conference co-chairs gave new names to the promotional items ordered. For example, the tech pouch ordered became a ‘safari survival kit.’ Inside the pouch we added hand sanitizer wipes, moist towelettes, and eyeglass cleaner wipes. We also purchased hand fans and told those stopping by our table that you need something to keep you cool in the jungle, as well as to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay. Each promotional item carried a revised conference logo so that they wouldn’t become dated after our conference ended. Our table at the national conference was decorated in a safari theme to be consistent with our conference theme. Needless to say, carrying the theme throughout proved a huge hit and attendees who stopped at our table loved how we incorporated the promotional items into our theme.

Susan from Maumee, # 103308, Neoprene Portable Electronics Case

Page 21

We provide benefit plans; thus when our companies have health fairs, we attend and give items to employees. Additionally, we provide raffle prizes which we fill with items with our logo so they have something they can keep that is fun, and we get the advertisement.

Jane from Northridge, # 110967, Big Value Tote

Page 22

It was a technology tradeshow. In the past we have done tool kits, or pens, but this time we decided we needed to be more “techie” and the stylus pen worked great. Many attendees were asking, ‘where did you get the stylus?’ and the others would point to our booth. We got a lot of great responses and excellent booth traffic, and by the end of the trade show, many people had the pen/stylus out using it on their smart devices.

Wendi from West Valley City, # 117841, Ring Stylus Twist Pen

Page 23

Promoted our business at a local fair booth, the pens and balloons along with our product were a great hit. People loved that we were giving something away! The kids loved the balloons and the parents loved the pens!

Gabe with Castle Entertainment, # 28901, Balloon – 9″ Standard Colors

Page 24

Bright red apples in baskets on the table are very attractive. These stress apples were fun for kids, they like to throw them, and it kept them busy for a moment so we could talk to their parents. Adults like to squeeze the stress apples, to enhance therapy, or just because it’s fun. We like to say the apples are like visiting our parks; they relieve stress and are healthy places to be!

Jeanne with Sandusky County Park District, # 18035, Apple Stress Reliever

Page 25

Actually used the food scoop at the local animal rescue league’s Halloween festival. For anyone who was interested in talking with me about a fence I gave them a scoop. I also made a cute poster with a black lab puppy on it that said ‘Get what your BFF is dreaming of.’ The lab had a thought bubble above his head that said ‘I wish had a fenced yard and a food scoopy thingy’.

Fay with Pro Max Fence Systems, # 102400-S, Pet Food Scoop ‘N Clip Opaque

Page 26

I used the runner for a shorter table option at a local tradeshow event/best of ceremony. It made a huge visual impact having the beautiful full color logo on the front of the table as well as my background signage! With this runner I don’t have to have lots of logo tablecloths can re-use this for any size table. Perfect!

Lillian with Alarm Engineering, Inc., # 5962-FC Full-Color Table Runner – 29″

Page 27

We use them in several ways, the most recent being that during conventions and vendor fairs we have a Plinko game set up and the participants play for a prize (i.e.: the different promo items we’ve ordered here. It’s always a big hit.

Lindsey with AmeriSpec Home Inspections, # 105562-S, Small Spiral Curve Notebook

Page 28

My goal was to have a unique ‘give away’ that people would appreciate and remember. I wanted the gift to match the professional image of my booth and be cost effective! A tall order, but this pen and stylus was the only one like it at the trade show and worked well. We are less about selling and more about being remembered and relationships!

Carol with Trostle & Associates, Ltd, # 116498-M, Jada Stylus Pen – Metallic

Page 29

For Your Cause

Whether it’s a nonprofit, school store or fundraising, if you need money for the mission, promotional products work.

Page 30

Our church outreach ministry is sponsoring a food drive. We will give these canvas bags to parishioners and ask them to bring them back on a designated Sunday for our food offering. It is our hope that seeing these bags marked with our logo will prompt them to remember to fill and return them.

Anonymous, # 106836-1513, Value Grocery Tote – 15′ x 13″

Page 31

We used the items we ordered to assemble a giveaway package for a charitable fund raiser. Everything went in to the wine glass and was then bagged and tied off with a nice ribbon. It was a very classy looking package and perfect for our event.

Rob from Anchorage, # 8685-R, Stemless Red Wine Glass – 16% oz.

Page 32

I am starting a debate team on dreams and talent and needed to raise money. Every team on campus sells t-shirt, so I decided to sell professional shirts that could be worn by teachers, students, and community members. We sold over 50 shirts and that was enough to fund the hotel for one tournament. We still need to do more fundraising and are doing another shirt sale. The quality of the shirts is making this second order more successful.

Pam from Valdosta, # 100918, Easy Care Stretch Poplin Shirt

Page 33

We sell festival design t-shirts (each year), mugs (ordered last year), plus Koozies (this year) at the YRARF to generate funds to support the festival, plus we give these as thank-you gifts to our supporters and volunteers. We purchase lunch totes and neck wallets for festival participants as gift bags and ID badge. Each year, we receive compliments for our festival items…We try to provide items that will be useful, provide a memory of the festival, and are reusable.

Donna with Avian Events Support Team, # 6729-FC-C, Hanes Tagless 6.1 oz. T-Shirt Full Color – Colors

Page 34

We sold the Budget Beater Golf Umbrellas as our high school soccer fundraiser. The umbrellas were two-tone (black and red) in our school colors and we had them imprinted with our school emblem. They were a huge success as people with kids in other outdoor sports purchased them also. They are a great advertisement for our school. It’s really neat to see all that red and black out there at our outdoor sporting events that are in rainy weather. We’ve also been approached by several fans from other teams that want to know where we got our umbrellas” because they would like to sell them for their schools.

Victoria with Monroe Central Soccer, # 25001, Budget-Beater Golf Umbrella

Page 35

We ordered insulated totes to sell as a fundraiser for our foundation-Affinity Foundation for Michigan Kids. Our employees did a fantastic job identifying uses for the totes…now we will be encouraging our members to use these totes to ‘wrap’ holiday gifts in…I can’t remember the last time we sold out of a fundraising item.

Matt with Affinity Group Credit Union, # 109807, Value Insulated Grocery Tote

Page 36

We sold our items for a marching band competition called ‘Parade of Champions’. The knit beanies and scarves are the colors (purple and gold) of James Madison University and we had the JMU MUSIC logo stitched on the front of the beanies. Both of these items were perfect for representing JMU school spirit.

Dr. Janice with James Madison University-School of Music, # 109604, Rugby Knit Beanie

Page 37

I teach Latin in a high school and am advisor to the Latin Club. For a fundraiser we purchased travel mugs and imprinted ‘hello’ in about 20 other world languages (in addition to English and Latin). We are selling them full of hot, spiced apple cider, tea or hot chocolate. Perfect for a cold Fall in New England.

Andrea with Oliver Ames High School, # 110435, Montara Travel Tumbler – 16 oz.

Page 38

Saying Thank You

Whether it’s for saying thank you to volunteers, to applaud hard workers for a job well done or for recognizing an anniversary, here are some creative ways to say “thanks.”

Page 39 

We ordered the Tutti Fruitti Sports Bottle as a giveaway item. We like to keep a large stock of them for various occasions. We put together gift baskets that we raffle off at conferences (two bottles go in there). We also give them away when we have our company round table discussions as a token of gratitude for the time and gas that our clients spend to come visit us. Sometimes they are raffled off at employee education meetings, as well. I can’t even think of all the occasions we used them for, but for these main purposes they work perfectly.

Stephanie with CIC Benefit Consulting Group, # 117209, Tutti Frutti Sport Bottle – 25 oz.

Page 40

As a ‘thank-you’ for doing business with us, we provide a calendar each year to all our customers. We wanted something different and more economical, so we looked at these mini calendars! What a great size and price, and we still are able to offer the calendar free of charge!

Anonymous, # 585-M, Landscapes of America Calendar – Mini

Page 41

I used the drawstring bags as part of a party favor for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The bags were labeled with each child’s name so they could put all of the things they collected throughout the party in ‘their’ bag and have it ready to go at the end of the night. The kids loved the bags and continued to use them well after the party.

Anonymous, # 6188-1814, Drawstring Sportpack – 18″ x 14″

Page 42

We wanted to make our employees feel valued and let them know we appreciate all they do. We ordered the organization totes this year and high ball glasses last year to serve as gifts the employees could keep that were handed out with the Christmas bonuses and hams. I hope they love the totes as much as the glasses, because I’ve had people tell me all year how much they love the glasses and that they use them all the time.

Anonymous, # 102046-L, Life in Motion Cargo Box – Large

Page 43

We gave the keychains to our election workers after they put in a long hard day sitting at the polls. We wish we could have given them more it was very hard to choose from all the products! I decided on the keychains mainly because of the light. Our poll workers come back in late at night and our thought was they could use the key chains to either light their way or to unlock doors etc. I know they appreciated them.

Anonymous, # 6529-s, Rectangular Key-Light – Opaque

Page 44

Every month we hold an anniversary lunch to thank our employees who were hired during that month. We give bigger awards for 2,5,10,15, etc. years, but our one-year members get a basic gift as a “thank-you” for one year of service. In the past, we have given totes, coolers, and blankets but we wanted to start giving out something more practical for our members. October was the first month we gave out the tumblers with our new logo on them and they were a hit! We even had longer-term members asking where they could get one for themselves.

Sam from Orleans, # 6915, 16 oz. Steel Tumbler

Page 45

We ordered pens with the bride’s name, groom’s name, and the date of the wedding on the second line. The color matched the bridesmaids’ dresses. Guests were thrilled to receive a useful party favor. My daughter, the bride, was excited because it was a unique idea.

Barb from Bath, # 109148-B-T, Tropical Cubano Pen – Translucent

Page 46

We put together a coffee travel kit’ for the holidays that includes travel coffee maker, grinder, coffee mugs and a bag of coffee. The cotton bag from 4 Imprint ties the whole package together—it’s useful and cool!

Dan from Charlottesville, # 113956, Colorful Cotton Drawstring Sportpack

Page 47

The employees loved the Media Loungers as well as the coin purses. They each got to choose a gift coming out of the town hall meetings this quarter. Typically we give away larger prizes but thought we would mix it up some this time for morale! It worked GREAT! I have a sample of the coin purse that I have been using for two years and it looks as good now as it did when I received it.

Gail from Centralia, # 111181, Media Lounger

Page 48

We are a 91-year-old community theater with approximately 400 season ticket holders. We haven’t expressed our appreciation in the past, so this year we decided to celebrate them by stuffing a bag with promotional items and coupons from the community and placing the bags on their seats with a ‘Welcome VIP’ and their name on the seat for the performance they attend!

Susie with The Village Players, # 110243-CL, Hope Laminated Gift Tote – Closeout

Page 49

We purchased the travel mugs as a gift to the participants in our Citizen’s Academy. This was something different from the usual T-shirt or ball cap. Everyone seemed to really like the gift. Next year we may put a Starbucks gift card inside for a little something extra.

Mary with City of Midlothian, # 108435, Full Color Maui Travel Tumbler – 14 oz

Page 50

We have an annual volunteer recognition banquet and we try to have a theme each year to make it more fun. This year was a ‘royal theme and we gave each volunteer a purple mug that said ‘Treat me like royalty’ on one side and I’m a 4-H volunteer!’ on the other. It really added to the theme to have these as part of the table decorations and the volunteers had a great “Souvenir to take home to remind them of how” truly special they are.

Patty with LaPorte County 4-H, # 111699-C, Value Color Mug – 11 oz.

Page 51

Spreading The Word

Whether it’s public safety or simple community reminder, here are a few ideas to help spread the word about your special campaign.

Page 52

I ordered water bottles for all the elementary students in my school. As the school nurse, I have emphasized how important keeping students hydrated is. Unfortunately, students don’t always bring their water bottles. So each student is given one at the start of the school year and they must keep them at school. Every week I send them through the dishwasher. Having access to water throughout the day has decreased the number of headaches and stomachaches and has made students more aware of their body’s need for hydration. I am looking forward to giving each student a new water bottle this year.

Anonymous, # 103840, Poly-Pure Lite Bottle – 18

Page 53

We used the bag to put information in about our company, as we recently expanded. We wanted them bright so they were noticeable. Now we are ‘the company with the bright yellow bags’ at the events we attend. Love them. They are in about every picture on our Facebook page. Check it out!!

Mary with Home at Heart Care, # 106836-1513, Value Grocery Tote – 150 x 13″

Page 54

We gave away the magnetic clip pens at a health event for freshman at our university. We printed 20 sheets of blank grocery lists and clipped them into each pen. Each sheet had different tips for eating & shopping healthy. We were just going to order magnetic clips, but with this item they also have a handy pen to fill in their grocery list!

Anonymous, # 109150-CL, Cliptrax Pen-Closeout

Page 55

Our school ordered magnets for a parent night that modeled some of the posters regarding expected behaviors on campus. The magnets looked like mini versions of the posters and listed expected behaviors at home. We wanted parents to be aware of the positive treated behavior enforcements we use at school.

Anonymous, # 6930, Bic 30 mil Jumbo Business Card Magnet

Page 56

Crimestoppers ordered these for distribution to the elementary children before Halloween with the intention of having them used while trick or treating and to have a safe Halloween. We also had ‘Crimestoppers’ and our tip line telephone number printed on them to promote our organization and to provide needed information to report any crimes.

Anonymous, # 113998, Flashlight w/Pen and Lanyard

Page 57

We give the mugs away to the participants in our programs. We do this to help the environment While they are at the program, which lasts 7-10 days, they use the mugs and don’t need to use disposable cups. When they return, home, they have the mug to remind them to ‘Live in the Presence.’ We invite them to bring the mugs back with them for their second residency for the same reason—to lessen our footprints on the earth.

Anonymous, # 118054, Seaside Travel Mug – 15

Page 58

We are a non-denominational Christian school. A local church does a seasonal clothing consignment event twice a year, allowing moms to resell their gently used children’s clothing, toys, and furniture. We partnered with them by providing the shopping totes for their fall event, which of course had our school information printed on them and were stuffed with a flier for our preschool program. We received our first inquiry just days after the event!

Kristen with Wooster Christian School, # 106836-1513, Value Grocery Tote – 15″ x 13″

Page 59

We are starting a new program at our church called ‘Give Us 3,’ encouraging visitors to come to the church three times before decided whether or not it’s a good fit for their family. Visitors fill out a form and stop by for a gift bag which includes the mugs, pens and notepads we ordered, as well as candy and some info about our church. We’re excited to share this with our congregation. Love the products we ordered so far!

Kari with The Vine Community Church, # 120016-CL, Origin Pen – Closeout

Page 60

Team Unity

Whether you’re looking to outfit your team for a consistent look, trying to build morale, or you want to create ‘walking billboards,’ promotional products get the job done.

Page 61

We wore these polo shirts to represent our team at a conference. The team loved them. They are very flattering with the tailored fit and the white side panels. The conference was in Florida and it was 85+ degrees each day. These polos were light, breathable, cool, flattering and wrinkle-free. We looked great!

Jeanette from Richmond, # 112492-L, Side Blocked Micropique Sport-Wick Polo – Ladies’

Page 62

Our school is growing fast and it’s hard sometimes to keep that team spirit lively with bigger numbers! So we’re dividing in order to bring more unity! That is, we ordered 1,200 hats in our four school colors–and on back-to-school day every single person found out they belong to a ‘CREW’—everybody got a hat, from age 5 to age 65. Perfect, inexpensive, cheerful “giveaway for the first day of school!

Sara from Chattanooga, # 113852, Lightweight Value Cap

Page 63

We are trying to build our numbers and team spirit for our youth Synchronized Swimming Team. It is always hard to hang onto the teenagers so we decided to award them with matching team bags. They love the bags and feel so good about themselves. They look like a team and are really bonding. The bags were given to our advanced team and now all the younger girls are really encouraged to work harder so they can get their team bags too!

Krista with Auburn Mermaids, # 5218-P, Weekend Duffel – Polyester

Page 64

Our balloons were purchased to use outside of homes to attract attention for open houses. We also use them in sales meetings to generate participation and excitement. We put a slip of paper in them with rewards that they will earn if they or their team answer questions correctly. They will then get to pick a balloon and pop it to see what prize they won.

Anonymous, # 28901-5, Balloon – 9″ Opaque Colors

Page 65

We used the USB drives to gather information for all staff members to use throughout the year, rather than inundating them with paper copies of forms, etc.

Anonymous, # 7409-4G, Swing USB Drive – 4GB

Page 66

Internal innovation planning session that was set trade-show style. Our staff were given a ‘jotter’ and asked to take notes at each booth in order to tell us their favorite innovative ideas to move into implementation.

Anonymous, # 108464-CL, Pocket Enviro-Jotter Closeout

Page 67

We have a number of volunteers help us through registration and other on-course events at our annual golf challenge. The shirts we provide make the volunteers feel special and it helps our guests and players know where to turn for assistance. It’s a bonus that now we’ve got folks who can wear shirts with our logo out in the community!

Toni from Minneapolis, # 105474-L, Harriton 6 oz Ringspun Cotton Pique Polo – Ladies’

Page 68

We were looking for more than the usual pen and notepad to welcome our new faculty and staff members this year. The lunch bags and tumblers were perfect! The gifts brought smiles of delight to our newcomers’ faces and reassured us we succeeded in letting them know we are happy to have them as a part of our team.

Theresa from Baltimore, # 105259, Lunch Kooler

Page 69

I ordered mugs for our condo building to use as welcome gifts for newcomers. We think that it’s nice to know your neighbors, and a couple of times a year we have a welcome event and give the mugs. The event is community building, but it also gets people involved and interested in volunteering for the homeowners’ association. They love the mugs!

Ruthie from Arlington, # 4920-C, Challenger Mug – Color – 11 oz.

Page 70

We use these products to show our customers a unified front and professionalism. When we look like pros we also act like pros. When our guys working in the field feel like pros, our end service is a great one. Pictures of our staff will be posted to our website at www.ForwardVanlines.com

Guy with Forward Van Lines, # 105472-M, Harriton 5.6 oz. Easy Blend Polo – Men’s

Page 71

Our church does an Adopt-A-Block program in north Minneapolis where we go around and help people on the blocks we have adopted. We do small projects, deliver food, give out school supplies, etc. Every month we also go around and pick up trash. We are now known by our shirts. Even the police recognize us because they are “bright and state who we are. We have also gotten questions about them and have been able to share our story because of them. All our volunteers wear them! 🙂

Angie with The Exchange Church, # 32130-C, Fruit of the Loom Best 50/50 T-Shirt – Colors

Page 72

The Carrot

Increase participation, improve registration rates and maybe even generate additional revenue. If you’re looking for that ‘carrot,’ look for promotional products.

Page 73

We handed out the umbrellas as part of our giveaway to customers that had not purchased from us in the last 5 years. They had to bring the postcard they were mailed to the booth in order to receive a bag of samples and the umbrella.

Anonymous, # 5915, ShedRain Super Mini 40″ Umbrella

Page 74

I work in collections and we use promotional items like the football jar opener to entice our borrowers to open the envelope. They can feel and hear something inside the envelope, which has resulted in about a 25% resolution rate. And the price is right so it’s a great partnership.

Anonymous, # 117882-FB, Jumbo Cushioned Jar Opener – Football

Page 75

Safety giveaway for employees. Everyone enjoys recognition for doing things the safe way and we love to reward our employees. I will fill my pocket with what I had done by 4imprint and simply walk up to employees when I catch them in the ‘act’ of being safe. These great gifts help.

Joe with Akorn Inc, # 113497, Push Action Key Light

Page 76

I work as an administrative assistant for a university president, and the majority of my time is spent calling and trying to schedule him to meet with potential donors. My first contact is always with another assistant whose job is to be the gate keeper for his or her boss. Whenever I speak with them, I try to make a connection in order to achieve my objective. When they are helpful, I like to reward that with a small token of appreciation. That is where your mugs come in. They are fitted with tea and cookies and sent with a note of thanks and instructions to take a break on us.

Anonymous, # 39170R, Magnum Mug – 14 oz.

Page 77

We provided lunch bags/coolers for all the participants involved in a project that was incredibly labor intensive. I believe that it did help motivate the team, and even the team members who were temporary now have something from our company that they can continue to use wherever they go.

Michelle from Fargo, # 108030, Poly Pro Lunch-To-Go Cooler

Page 78

The primary reason we ordered the screen/ keyboard cleaners was to have a nice giveaway related to computers (we’re a computer training and consulting company) in response to a series of ads we were running. The ads were promoting our fall classes and when someone brings their ad to a class, they get a free gift.

Trent with Tech Help, # 104660, Wave Monitor & Keyboard Cleaner

Page 79

We used our product as the reward gift for our members for completing a health-related screening and turning in a voucher to receive the gift. We also gave away some of our product to employees who are involved in the operation of the program. There were tots of envious employees, 50 needless to say, our product is a good one… one that our members and employees both like.

Anna with South Country Health Alliance, # 111432-16, Color Scheme Spirit Tumbler – 16

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I am on the Positive Behavior Team at my elementary school. We ordered sweatshirts for the staff and student teams, as well as rewards for students. Instead of giving out pencils and stickers, students who receive an award for three months receive a backpack with the school name and logo, and if they get six awards in the year they receive a stainless steel water bottle.

Jen with Edwin Loe Elementary, # 115443, Gildan 8 oz. Heavy Blend 50/50 Crew Sweatshirt

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“I enclose my pens in a yearly direct mailer with the goal of turning prospects into customers. I’m guessing almost every piece gets opened because people can feel the pens inside. My bright orange pens grab attention and have staying power beyone my mail piece because they’re useful. National average response rate for direct mail is around 2%, but my mailers usually get about 16%, thanks in part to my branded pens.”

—Amy with Compass Writing

“I used the runner for a shorter table option at a local tradeshow event/ best of ceremony. It made a huge visual impact having the beautiful full color logo on the front of the table as well as my background signage! With this runner I don’t have to have lots of logo tablecloths—I can re-use this for any size table. Perfect!”

—Lillian with Alarm Engineering, Inc.

“We put together a ‘coffee travel kit’ for the holidays that includes travel coffee maker, grinder, coffee mugs and a bag of coffee. The cotton bag from 4 Imprint ties the whole package together—it’s useful and cool!”

—Dan from Charlottesville

“Safety giveaways for employees. Everyone enjoys recognition for doing things the safe way and we love to reward our employees. I will fill my pocket with what I had done by 4imprint and simply walk up to employees when I catch them in the ‘act’ of being safe. These great gifts help.”

—Joe with Akorn Inc

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