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Never underestimate the power of a thank-you. Employees who feel recognized and appreciated at work are more satisfied, productive, engaged and connected—which can lead to stellar performance for your team.


Man on desktop computer. An award sits on top of his desk.


Saying thank-you doesn’t have to be complicated or take too much time. Here are ideas for small staff thank-you gifts that show your appreciation without slowing your stride.

Quick and easy staff giveaway ideas

  1. Gifts with a personal touch
  2. Fun accessories
  3. Tasty snacks
  4. Thoughtful classics

Gifts with a personal touch

A handwritten thank-you note is meaningful not only because of the effort it takes to write one, but also because employees can read it any time they need a morale boost.


Gift box containing a branded journal and a thank-you note.


Small team appreciation gifts that are personalized are an especially thoughtful way to show you care. A handwritten thank-you card, when paired with a sun-catcher ornament, tumbler or umbrella, makes a quick gift to surprise an employee during a one-on-one meeting or just to brighten their day. Present team members with a gratitude journal, along with a note of thanks written on the first page. To help make writing the notes easier, keep track of each team member’s contributions. Set aside 10-15 minutes each week to jot down notes about your employees’ latest accomplishments.

Fun accessories

According to a recent poll, nearly 80% of gift recipients prefer when a gift is a surprise.


Two co-workers. One is holding a gift behind her back.


Send your team an invite for a collaborative work session and surprise them with something unexpected. Small gift ideas for employees, such as traveler cards & dice sets, stress relieving adult coloring books or doodle therapy notebooks, plus time built into your work session to relax and connect with each other is a great way to show appreciation. Or turn one of your usual staff meetings into an unexpected teambuilding event with a fun round of trivia or games, such as hoop basketball or tumbling towers. Throw in a pair of matching sunglasses for a fun and cohesive look.

Tasty snacks

According to a recent survey, snacks, drinks and meals can be a powerful motivator (PDF) to get hybrid employees engaged and excited to come into the office.


Employees sitting at table with snacks.


When you’re looking for small thank-you gift ideas for employees, tasty snacks and beverages make excellent choices for hybrid, in-person and remote recipients. Goodies, such as trail mix, popcorn, rice cereal treats and milk chocolate pretzels, are perfect for a mid-afternoon boost or to keep staff energized during meetings. For a small team appreciation gift with a personal touch, fill a tumbler or cup with your team member’s favorite candy or snack. Need staff giveaway ideas they can enjoy at home? Send a mini s’mores kit or ice cream topping set along with a gift card to a favorite ice cream parlor for a sweet and decadent gift.

Thoughtful classics

Tried-and-true promotional gifts are ones they’ll appreciate in the moment and pull out to use again and again. A cozy sweatshirt or cap or a classic T-shirt is a comfy, casual gift they can wear to the office, at home and around town. A simple sportpack or tote can be used for carrying work supplies, groceries or workout clothes. Want a gift that shows your gratitude while bringing your staff together? Invite the team to a catered lunch and give each attendee a small but meaningful team appreciation gift, such as a lunch cooler, cutlery set or aluminum water bottle, imprinted with a message of thanks.

Schedule time for small staff thank-you gifts

Demonstrate your gratitude no matter how busy you are with simple, yet meaningful staff thank-you gifts. Your team will be pleased to know that their contributions are valued and appreciated.