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When a brand thrives for over 100 years, you know there is true staying power. Eddie Bauer custom jackets and fleece showcase the brand’s success with the looks and innovation Eddie Bauer has long been known for.

In 1920, when Eddie Bauer opened Eddie Bauer’s Sports Shop in Seattle, Wash., he was already a well-known outdoors and sports enthusiast. In fact, he patented a regulation badminton shuttlecock that remains a standard today.

Bauer eventually combined his interests in the outdoors and innovation when he patented the first quilted-down jacket in the late 1930s. He eventually earned 11 patents for his goose-down jackets.

Today, the Eddie Bauer brand is still going strong, ranking among the top 40 most popular and most famous clothing and footwear brands worldwide. If you’re looking for a chance to co-brand with a company that has broad appeal—as both outdoorsy and casually fashionable—custom Eddie Bauer gifts offer warm jackets and cool looks customers are sure to love.


Eddie Bauer shirt jackets offer casual comfort

The Eddie Bauer Quilted Shirt Jacket combines the functional warmth of a jacket with a modern style that walks the line between a shirt and a coat.

Eddie Bauer Quilted Shirt Jacket | Eddie Bauer custom jacket from 4imprint.


It makes an ideal giveaway for employees working in a cool warehouse or customers who spend a lot of time outdoors.


All-weather Eddie Bauer custom jackets

The Eddie Bauer Soft Shell Jacket for men or women is the perfect co-branded prize for a trade show or sales contest.

Eddie Bauer Soft Shell Jacket - Men's l Eddie Bauer corporate apparel from 4imprint.Eddie Bauer Soft Shell Jacket - Ladies' | Eddie Bauer custom jacket from 4imprint.


This coat focuses on optimal comfort with adjustable tab cuffs and a drawcord hem. It features multiple zippered pockets for keys and other gear, making this jacket one customers will reach for in all kinds of weather.


Fashionably warm Eddie Bauer fleece

The Eddie Bauer Heathered Sweater Fleece Jacket for women or men is the next evolution of fleece with its fashion-forward heather fabric (read more about this trend) and unbeatable warmth.

Eddie Bauer Heathered Sweater Fleece Jacket - Ladies' | 4imprint Eddie Bauer corporate apparel. Eddie Bauer Heathered Sweater Fleece Jacket - Men's |4imprint Eddie Bauer custom jackets


This custom Eddie Bauer gift is perfect for staff who interact with clients because it shows that your brand is both hardworking and trendy. It also makes an excellent gift for your fashion-forward customers.


Get a warm reception with Eddie Bauer custom jackets

Whether you’re offering Eddie Bauer custom jackets as a gift or outfitting employees to prepare for a chill in the air, these co-branded custom Eddie Bauer gifts make your company look on point.

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Sara Mckone

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