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| Updated: October 20, 2021

One of the simplest ways to prevent check washing is to use a gel ink pen, because regular ballpoint ink can be “washed” off of paper quite easily. However, according to Experian, ink from a gel pen “will permeate the fibers on the check,” making it difficult to alter signatures and payees.

The uni-ball® 207™ is one of the most trusted anti-fraud gel pens around. Not only is it great for writing checks, but it’s also handy for writing prescriptions and signing legal documents. With your logo imprinted on the barrel, your customers will know you have their best interests in mind.

We’ve also just added the Pentel® HyperG™ Gel Pen, which has been designed with document safety benefits in mind. And the exciting color options do wonders for your promotional message!

 An array of Pentel Hyper-G Gel Pens


Bic® even makes a Secure Ink version of their ever-popular Clic Stic® pen. And the price and color selection certainly can’t be beat!

A Red Bic Clic Stic Pen with Secure Ink

Check out National Check Fraud Center’s website for even more fraud prevention tips.