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| Updated: September 15, 2022

For many people, the words “lip balm” bring to mind a decades-old image: the classic white tube with a pop of color wrapped around it. But over the last few years, lip balm has evolved. It’s now trendy, with eye-catching shapes and colors. Lip balm has become a practical item with pizzazz. Lip balm giveaways are the perfect promotional item—sure to be appreciated no matter the reason or season. This practical item’s usefulness and the latest designs make for an ideal thank-you gift or trade show giveaway.


On-trend with eos® lip balm giveaways

The eos brand is a popular player in the lip balm game. Its popularity soared so much that it was the second best-selling lip balm in the country in 2016—and it’s still popular today. That makes eos lip balm giveaways trendy items clients and employees will love.

eos Lip Balm combines a stylish appearance with multiple colors and flavors to appeal to just about anyone.

eos brand lip balm with a logo.

Want to offer a little something extra with your lip balm giveaway? Offer the Getaway Spa Kit and stuff a handy lip balm inside.

Wooden box with spa supplies inside


Customers, vendors and donors will appreciate this premium set with a focus on wellness.


Have a ball at a trade show or event

Trade shows and events are ideal places to hand out lip balm promotional giveaways. It’s small, practical, slips easily into a pocket, purse or bag, and will likely get used daily. These lip moisturizer balls are sure to draw attention.

The Lip Moisturizer Ball comes in several colors that can be used to make your logo pop or for an eye-catching display.

Green branded lip balm ball


Want to offer a different look? The Lip Moisturizer Ball – Metallic provides a unique look in an easy-to-grab shape that won’t get misplaced at the bottom of a bag. The Metallic Heart Lip Moisturizer features the same moisturizing protection with a fun look. Or opt for something different with Cube Lip Moisturizer. It’s out of the ordinary shape makes it just like your brand—easier to hold onto.

Metallic round lip balm with a logo.Red branded metallic heart shaped lip balm containerGreen branded cube shaped lip balm container


For attention that lasts, choose these lip balm gift ideas

Lip balm combines the practical with the trendy. And these lip balm giveaways have the looks, colors and flavors that people will reach for daily.