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| Updated: September 07, 2021

In marketing circles, the custom Koozie is a Cinderella®-type story: A brand name is born. The brand’s launch is so successful the brand becomes synonymous with the product it represents. This incredibly rare feat is typically limited to facial tissue, photocopy equipment and search engines. In the world of promotional products, one brand has accomplished this feat with stunning success: KOOZIE®.


Reflections KOOZIE® Can Kooler


Think about it. Picture yourself at a summer picnic, outdoor festival or house party. Someone grabs a cold drink from a cooler. They reach for a beverage holder. Reflexively, they ask for a KOOZIE—not a can cooler. That’s no coincidence. For company picnics, wedding favors, party favors and more, people want KOOZIE giveaways.

The story of the KOOZIE brand

How did KOOZIE become synonymous with a 12 oz. beverage holder?

In his article, ‘Who Invented the Koozie?’, writer Jason McGill takes readers inside a 2007 patent application tracing the origins of the now-ubiquitous beverage holder to a 1921 invention called a cozy—which wrapped around a gas generator.

McGill cites Bonnie McGough as the mother of the modern KOOZIE. In 1981, she earned a patent for an insulated beverage cozy.

Several other websites describe a similar Australian invention around the same time, though the Aussies reportedly called them “stubby holders” based on the size of the beers they kept cold.

Today, KOOZIE Group® has expanded its entire line of promotional products.


The evolution of custom KOOZIE products

If you were to picture a ‘classic’ KOOZIE, you’d likely see a foam can holder. Today, you can buy these classics and dozens of other next-generation custom branded KOOZIE products. From custom can coolers to picnic baskets, coolers and can cooler chairs, here are a few of our favorites:


Original Koozie® Can Kooler


If you want to keep your client’s interests cool in a classic style, the Original KOOZIE® Can Kooler helps keep their drinks cold against the heat of the sun. These full-color custom foam KOOZIES are perfect for promoting your products and services at outdoor summer events, tradeshows and more.


Collapsible Koozie® Can Kooler with Carabiner


For prospective customers who want to take their drink to go, the Collapsible KOOZIE Can Kooler with Carabiner goes along for the ride. This unique design allows clients to clip your personalized can cooler securely to their backpack or belt loop. This makes a great giveaway for people who love the outdoors.


Koozie® Picnic Basket


Your customers and employees also want to keep goods cool for their summertime picnics. A KOOZIE Picnic Basket can do the job. Sturdy, practical and sold in a variety of summery colors, this is sure remind your customers of your organization and build pride among your staff.



Zip-Up Bottle KOOZIE® Kooler with Opener


For your customers who want a hug—for their beverage—and a way to open it, give them a business gift like the full-color Zip-Up Bottle KOOZIE Kooler with Opener. It zips up like a soda bottle wetsuit and comes in a rainbow of colors that you can customize to promote your brand. Bonus—bottle opener included. Stash bowls or baskets of these around the company picnic for maximum impact.


KOOZIE® Two-Tone Downtown Lunch Kooler


It’s noon. Your customers are hungry for promotional products. Let them feast on your brand with the personalized KOOZIE Two-Tone Downtown Lunch Kooler. When you add your logo and custom print to this giveaway, you help prove KOOZIE isn’t just for bottles and cans anymore!


KOOZIE® Chair Kooler


For your clients who want it all—a great place to take a load off and store goodies for sports events or the beach—the promotional KOOZIE Chair Kooler offers a portable, convenient, all-in-one solution. Just custom print your logo and tagline on this Koozie gift to be sure to spread brand awareness at outdoor events.


Put custom KOOZIE giveaways to work for you

Whether it’s promotional can coolers or picnic baskets, official KOOZIE brand promotional products showcase how cool your brand is even as business, and the weather, heat up. With custom Koozies, you can put this iconic brand to work for you.


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Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood

Suzanne Worwood is VP of Merchandising and has been with 4imprint for 23 years. Inspired by the retail environment and her own world travels, Suzanne writes about all things product: trends, uses, colors, designs.

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