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| Updated: January 14, 2021 3 min read

A primary challenge with event planning is getting people in the door. Offering a cool promotional prize just for showing up can be a great way to convince people to make an appearance.


Offering a cool prize is a great way to draw people to your event.


If you’re in search of promotional prize ideas to help bring people to your events, read on.


Consider the season

Picking a door prize that ties to the season can get people thinking about ways they’ll be able to use it—and that they need to get to your gathering so they have a chance to win.

Offer a Coleman® Party Ball Charcoal Grill with Cover and a Grill Master 5pc Bamboo BBQ Set at a summer event. People will start making plans to host their next backyard BBQ—and attend your event.

More than 9.1 million Canadian households have at least one person who goes camping. That makes camping gear a promotional prize idea that’s sure to appeal to a wide variety of event goers.


9.1 million Canadian households have at least one person who camps.


An Engel® Cooler or a High Sierra® Drench Hydration Pack are sure to be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts.


Treat them to tech

Technology has changed the way we interact with the world. More than 80% of Canadians under age 65 access the internet at least a few times a week—and nearly 100% of those under 45 connect to it daily.


80% of Canadians under 65 access the internet a few times a week.


That may explain why 2 out of 3 of the most influential promotional giveaways are tech-based (PDF).

Create a gift basket with a tablet, gift card and some tech accessories, such as a Pedova eTech Journal Book and a Brawley Light-Up Logo Power Bank to get people amped up to attend your gathering.


Celebrate good times

Holiday parties, company anniversaries and other milestones are reasons to celebrate. A promotional prize can encourage people to celebrate with you.

Create a basket with a favourite bottle of wine or a subscription to a wine of the month and some wine accoutrements. A Laguiole® Wine Companion, Duet Wine Bag and a Stemless White Wine Glass Set would make the perfect raffle prize. Or place a bottle of wine at each table and choose a lucky attendee from each table to win it.


Tie the item to the event

If your event has a theme, a door prize that ties into that theme can do double duty—draw people in and remind them of your event long after it is over.

For example, an OGIO® Straight Jacket Golf Bag and some Titleist® Pro V1 Golf Balls would be a definite hole-in-one at your golf event. And they’ll feel like they won big when they get a Deluxe Poker Set or Centerpiece Chocolates Thank You & Dollar Sign on casino night.


A big win for everyone

Cool promotional prizes are the icing on the cake at any fun event. Use these ideas to pull people in—and make your event a little extra memorable.