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| Updated: January 06, 2021

Food. Fun. Friends. Fresh air. These things are associated with one of everyone’s favourite pastimes: The picnic. There’s even an “International Picnic Day,” celebrated every year on June 18, by alfresco diners around the world.

June 18 is International Picnic Day. Celebrate with these company picnic giveaway ideas.


Regardless of when you host your company picnic, getting outside, partaking in a delicious spread, and spending quality time with fellow team members is beneficial to employees in a number of ways.

We’ve put together a list of benefits, along with a few company picnic gift ideas to make the day memorable.


Build friendships

According to economists, having a friend at work increases your happiness as much as a $100,000 raise would.

These company picnic gift ideas will let employees take time to make connections.


And yet, trying to find the time to make that kind of connection while on the clock can be difficult.

By offering your employees a few hours—or even an entire day—to get to know one another, you can help them become more invested in each other and in your company.

A Reversible Outdoor Blanket is not only a great company picnic gift idea, it also creates casual seating that encourages team members and their families to mix and mingle.


Remind people to take a break

Much the way office friendships can increase happiness, taking a lunch break can reduce stress.

Taking a lunch break has been shown to reduce stress. These company picnic giveaway ideas can help!


Get everyone together—away from their desks—with a company picnic lunch. Whether it’s BYO, pot-luck style or company-provided, employees will appreciate the opportunity to step away and dine together.

Offer those who participate a company picnic giveaway, like a Mood Stadium Cup, to help them remember that taking time to eat and relax can improve their mood and their productivity. These Collapsible Neoprene KOOZIE® Can Koolers are another nice way to help keep them cool on a warm summer day.


Promote self-care

Self-care is an important part of job satisfaction—from getting enough rest to eating a balanced diet to making sure they’re protecting themselves from the elements.

Remind them that taking care of themselves can help bring out their best. Choose simple self-care items that are perfect for a picnic. Company picnic giveaways, like Risky Business Sunglasses – Mirror Lens, Tall & Skinny Sunscreen and a Mini Personal Fan, will help keep them keep cool in the sun.


Take time for play

While your employees are picnicking, encourage them to try out a few games. The classic Bean Bag Toss Game will get people of all abilities in on the action. Playing together or participating in a favourite hobby can bring happiness and even incite healthy behaviours, like laughter, which has been shown to lower stress and inflammation and increase vascular health.

Want to add an element of competition? Set up a bracket and offer the winner bragging rights or a fun company picnic giveaway, like the Ultimate Picnic Set.


A little nature, a little nurture

Getting your employees outside for a meal and downtime can help remind them of the critical role that genuine connections and self-care play in their work life. A fun event and a few company picnic giveaways will have them remembering to take those breaks and make connections all year round.