4imprint, LLC

Posted: May 22, 2020 | Updated: January 05, 2021 2 min read

Put them in ‘charge’

Help them make the most of their workspace by staying powered up with a branded wireless charger. No matter which room in the house they’ve carved out as their office, their electronics will be charged up and ready. This wireless charger and power bank combo is sleek and compact for everyday use.


Nip distractions in the ‘bud’

Video meetings and customer service calls require focus and concentration. Wireless ear buds help block out distractions at home and keep the lines of communication open. Choose the Melody True Wireless Ear Buds that fit comfortably and last up to three hours on a single charge.


Let them work under cover

Working at home means thinking about additional layers of security and privacy. Webcam covers give your associates the flexibility to flip easily between video calls and dark mode. This one comes in ten colours to match your branding.


Prop up their communication

PopSockets® are a great tech giveaway for those who use their device to check in, keep an eye on incoming work emails or have a quick video chat. This popgrip is available with a full-colour imprint to highlight your logo.


BONUS TIP! Dress for success (even at home)

When a client requests a video call, your team can still look the part and reinforce your brand. A company polo with your logo is the perfect blend of comfort and professionalism. This one is breathable and stylish.


No matter where your team’s new home workspace takes shape, these branded tech giveaways will help make the most of their office away from the office.