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Posted: May 25, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Even if you haven’t done it yourself, you probably know someone who has dropped their phone in the water. Statistics show that 28 percent of people will drop their phones into liquid, while 8 percent will spill liquid on their device. And that’s not to mention other soggy incidents, like rainy sporting events and water-logged campgrounds.

By offering waterproof gifts to your employees and customers, you can help them brave the storm. Whether you’re giving them a waterproof jacket, a poncho, a speaker that can be used in the rain, or a pouch that helps keep their phone safe at the pool, these waterproof promotional items are sure to soak up some smiles.


Custom apparel designed to resist the elements

Weather happens, and it seems that onto every nature hike and baseball game, a little rain must fall. Offer your employees or customers something that will help keep them warm, dry and able to enjoy their day regardless of the weather. The Storm Creek Packable Lightweight Extreme Jacket is available for both men and women. Designed to weather wind and rain, this jacket can also be packed into its own front pocket when not in use. For added comfort, pair the jacket with Packable Waterproof Pants that can be stored in the included drawstring carry pouch. For a versatile option, the Explorer 3-in-1 Jacket is actually two coats that can be worn separately or together, depending on the weather. And the portable Colorado Clothing® Waterproof RecPak Blanket features a polyester backing that helps keep water from seeping through while sitting on the damp ground or wet bleachers.


Waterproof tech

Technology-based waterproof gifts help users enjoy their gadgets without worrying about the weather. The Boulder Outdoor Bluetooth® Speaker is suitable for use indoors and outside. Because it’s waterproof, it can be used near the pool or even in the rain. The Basecamp Avalanche Wireless Speaker is built for the user on the go. Not only is this portable speaker waterproof, it even has a built-in flashlight and thermometer. If your user prefers a more personal listening experience, check out the ifidelity Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Ear Buds. An IPX 4 waterproof rating makes them the perfect ear buds for a run in any weather. And for the adventurer, consider a High Definition Action Camera. It comes complete with a waterproof case, helmet and handlebar mount.


Poolside protection for phones and more

Research shows that cell phone repair is currently a $4 billion a year industry. Help keep phones out of the repair shop with the Waterproof Phone Pouch with Neck Cord. It allows recipients to protect their phone at the pool or lake, while still being able to navigate screens through the pouch’s translucent front window. The Color Pop Waterproof Phone Pouch has a detachable lanyard to help keep their phone easily accessible. Phones aren’t the only items people want to keep from being waterlogged. Help prevent soggy wallets with Waterproof Protector Neck Totes. This waterproof wallet hangs around the user’s neck, helping to keep their cash and credit cards dry. The Waterproof Wallet with Key Ring is perfect for carrying their keys, credit card and cash.


Weather-resistant bags

Whether heading out for a picnic or their daily commute, your customers and employees will need a bag to carry their gear. A fully insulated waterproof main compartment in the Glacier Backpack Cooler holds up to 24 cans plus ice. And padded backpack straps offer hands-free carrying, making it easier for recipients to haul the rest of their picnic essentials. The double-duty 24-Can Convertible Duffel Cooler has a removable waterproof liner. To convert the cooler to a duffle bag, simply remove the liner. Puddles are no match for the elleven Core 15″ Laptop Backpack, thanks to a waterproof bottom panel.


Waterproof promotional items—a welcome break from the storm

From apparel to tech accessories to bags, waterproof gifts will help them weather the storm. Make sure your brand stays on their mind with promotional swag they’ll be able to use whenever Mother Nature tries to rain on their parade.