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| Updated: January 15, 2020 3 min read

For the business traveler on the go, luggage space is at a premium. That makes packable jackets a logo travel gear necessity. When your staff is traveling, packable jackets can be the solution to ever-changing weather and space limitations.

What makes these jackets such an effective travel tool is the construction. Available in lightweight and puffer styles, these apparel giveaways help keep the wearer warm yet fold compactly so they can be stored in a carry-on bag.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your traveling staff comfortable, take a look at these.


A light layer

Often, traveling isn’t just about going from place to place, it’s about doing so in all types of weather—from warm days to cool evenings to a light rain. The Darien Lightweight Packable Jacket for men or women makes it convenient to have an extra layer on hand for more subtle temperature and weather changes. It makes a great gift for traveling sales team members.

Darien Lightweight Packable Jacket - Men's | 4imprint logo travel gearDarien Lightweight Packable Jacket – Ladies’ | Logo travel gear from 4imprint


Keep water away

For employees who spend a lot of time traveling to outdoor job sites and need protection from wet weather, the Traverse Waterproof Jacket for women or men will keep them dry and warm with its wind-resistant, waterproof fabric. This apparel giveaway makes an ideal first-day-of-work gift for staff members to keep in their carry-on or glove compartment.

Traverse Waterproof Jacket - Ladies' | Apparel giveaways from 4imprintTraverse Waterproof Jacket – Men’s | 4imprint apparel giveaways


Cool weather solutions

For employees who travel from hot to frigid climates, packable puffer jackets are a logo travel gear must. These compact coats can be worn or stored as they travel from destination to destination, with less bulk and weight in their bag. The Storm Creek® Thermolite Travelpack Jacket for women or men and The North Face® Insulated Jacket for women or men are water resistant and insulate against the cold. These packable jackets can also be stored in their own pockets, adding another useful option: a travel pillow.

Storm Creek Thermolite Travelpack Jacket - Ladies' | Logo travel gear from 4imprintStorm Creek Thermolite Travelpack Jacket – Men’s | Logo travel gear from 4imprint


The North Face Insulated Jacket – Ladies’ | Apparel giveaways from 4imprintThe North Face Insulated Jacket - Men's | Apparel giveaways from 4imprint


Have coat, will travel

This packable logo travel gear will make things easy for your staff by solving not one, but two problems. They keep employees comfortable when traveling and they make packing easy.



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Sara Mckone

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