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Posted: April 09, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Whether you’re a small business opening your doors for the first time or a new branch of a well-known corporation, the majority of your customers are going to be people who live in the community where you’ve set up shop. Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, studies show that people still prefer to shop at brick and mortar stores, and many of them want to shop local.


These tips and unique promotional giveaways will help you connect with community members and keep your business top of mind.


Grow your company organically

One of the easiest ways to build your community presence is to get out and meet people. The more people you talk to, the more word-of-mouth advertising you’re going to have. Grab a handful of Tri-Fold Brochures and a unique promotional giveaway, like eos® Lip Balm, and start knocking on doors. Introduce yourself and use your brochure to show off your products or services. The long-lasting lip balm will remind them of your business every day.


Social media is another great place to attract new customers and interact with the ones you already have. To attract more followers, go for an old-school approach. Mail a Custom Temporary Tattoo or a Sugar-Free Mint Card to everyone who likes or shares your posts.


Make your presence known

Sometimes to get noticed you have to do something surprising. For example, hire a local artist to create an eye-catching mural with sidewalk chalk near your business. Pass out Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk or an Adult Coloring Book To-Go Set to anyone who walks by. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression.


Get involved in community events like farmers markets or parades. Offer product demos, coupons or tasty giveaways like Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites or Individually Wrapped Gourmet Cookies featuring your name.


Support your community

One of the best ways to get the community to care about you is to show that you care about the community. Sponsoring a local sports team, youth league or event gets your name seen and creates goodwill. In addition to sponsorship dollars, provide a memorable giveaway like a Buttonless Cap or Sunscreen SPF-30 Pocket Pack.


Don’t limit yourself to sports teams, though. Many organizations could use your support, including community bands, youth programs and animal shelters. Consider partnering with your local pet rescue, for example, and offer a small or medium Scoop-it Bowl or Reflective Pet Collar Tag with every pet adoption. Helping a worthwhile organization while getting your name out in the community is a win-win.


Show off your expertise

Offer to write a monthly guest column for the local newspaper that highlights important happenings in your industry. Showing how knowledgeable you are encourages people with questions to seek you out. Get cross-promotion by posting on your social channels, too. Reward those who share it with a Modi Stylus Pen/Highlighter or mood pencil.


Draw a crowd by offering classes and free events that are open to the community. Hand out giveaways that reflect what your business does. For example, hold a painting class at your art supply store and pass out a Bic® Non-Adhesive Notepad – Watercolor or teach people how to change a shower head at your hardware store and give away a 4″ Mini Level.


Turning your community into customers

Connect with your community in surprising ways—and throw in some unique promotional giveaways—and you’ll build relationships that are sure to bring customers to your door.