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Posted: November 30, 2018 | Updated: January 07, 2021

Certain promotional items are always going to be popular because everyone uses them. The classic pen. The useful bag. The keychains everyone carries. But when you’re offering a ‘classic’ promotional product, how do you make your brand stand out? It’s easy! With a few helpful tips, you can turn a useful promotional product into an unforgettable marketer.


Persuasive pens

When it comes to value, promotional pens are tops at 1/10 of a cent per impression (PDF). What’s more, 50 percent of U.S. consumers (PDF) own promotional writing instruments. Take advantage of the popularity of pens while still making a big impression with unique promotional pens. Show them your business is the solution to all their problems with a multi-use pen. The Mercury Stylus Metal Pen with Flashlight is a pen, stylus and flashlight in one. The Triple Threat Pen/Highlighter is another three-in-one instrument with a pen plus two highlighters. If you want to make the most of recent trends, try the Light-Up Fidget Spinner Pen. With multiple colors to choose from and a spinning light-up top, this pen is a beacon for your brand! And the Jumbo MopTopper Desk Pen is sure to generate smiles—perfect for brands associated with fun. It has a mop of unruly hair that functions as a screen cleaner.


Beautiful bags

With almost 6,000 impressions, promotional bags get more views than any other promo product. Ensure you get even more impressions with an eye-catching bag. Next time they shop at your store, pack up their purchases in a Tide Twister Folding Tote. Its foldable design makes it ideal to carry in their bag, purse or car. Or sell the Round Multi-Pocket Utility Tote or the XL Insulated Shopping Tote and offer them a small discount every time they use it to shop at your business. The Color-Me Activity Tote has a write-on surface perfect for personalized messages.


Magnificent magnets

From the fridge to the filing cabinet, magnets hang around long after you hand them out. Magnets are also easy to mail and can make sure your contact information is easily accessible whenever it’s needed. The Mood Frame Magnet combines a small frame for a favorite photo with a choice of “moods” they can use to show off their daily emotion—it’s fun and memorable! The Thermo-Strip Magnet – Large House shows the current temperature, so it’s sure to be seen daily. The Wild Bunch Magnet – Duck is a cute-n-cuddly waterfowl that is instantly recognizable. If you’re really looking to get creative, the Custom Flat Flexible Magnet can be made into just about any shape you choose—including your logo or your latest product!


Keen keychains

Just about anyone can appreciate a useful keychain, so kick things up a notch! Hand out one of these surprising keychains at your next trade show or event and you’ll be sure to get people’s attention. The Flash Power Bank Keychain powers up your brand and their phone. Exhibit the ready-to-work nature of your brand with the Mini Grip Tape Measure or Mini Multifunction Keychain—they’ll wonder how they lived without these handy tools. For a truly different type of keychain tool, choose the Manicure Set To Go.


Promotional twists make memories

Classic promotional products are classics for a reason—people love them! These unique promotional pens, bags, keychains and magnets put a spin on the best promo items to keep your brand on hand for a long time to come