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Posted: March 06, 2020 | Updated: January 05, 2021 5 min read

Our merchandisers keep their fingers on the pulse of trending promotional products, which are also a reflection of retail trends. This month we check in on Melanie, a 4imprint merchandiser who specializes in promo bags, to see what’s new and hot in totes, backpacks and more.


Throwback styles

“Fanny packs have officially made a comeback,” Melanie said. “Retailers call them many different names, but they all share the same portable, compact design. If you’re looking for a trendy giveaway, crossbody options are the most popular. They are designed to be worn in the front, but the classic around-the-waist fit is also back in style.” The exclusive Midvale Utility Waist Pack has more of a traditional fanny pack style, while the Nomad Sling offers an upscale look and a fleece-lined pocket. The Party Waist Pack with Koozie® Can Kooler has a fanny pack plus a can kooler.


Unique carry options

“Your customers and prospects will love these trendy giveaway slingpacks that offer more storage room than a fanny pack but still have the same relaxed, minimalist travel vibe,” Melanie said. “Slingpacks have a single shoulder strap and can be worn on either arm, so essentials are always at hand.” The Fullerton Sling Bag is lightweight and features athletic colorblocking. The Logan Mini Sling Bag has a slim design and a thin overall profile.


Help keep gear dry

Whether your employees and prospects are camping, hiking, kayaking, enjoying the beach or spending a day at the water park, they’ll appreciate a bag that helps keep their stuff safe. “Pick the right bag to protect items from water, sand and other elements,” Melanie said. “Dry bags, roll-top closures and water-resistant coated materials are designed to keep belongings dry and clean while outdoors.” The water-resistant Easy View 2.5 Liter Dry Bag has a handy roll top and a see-through panel . The Call of the Wild Travel Case has welded seams to keep the elements out.


Create extra storage

Packable bags are designed to take up minimal space when thrown into a backpack or suitcase. “These lightweight bags pack down easily and provide extra space when hauling items on the go,” she said. Packable bags are versatile and excellent for outdoor use. Choose a classic backpack, like the Ripstop Stow and Go Backpack, or a trendy two-tone Everyday Packaway Duffel.


Fanny packs, slingpacks and packable bags—oh my! When you’re looking for a trending promotional product, we’ve got it in the bag.