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Posted: June 02, 2017 | Updated: March 10, 2021

Planning outdoor events makes some people nervous. Special considerations have to be made, but outdoor events are not that different from indoor events like trade shows and open houses. We talked with 4imprint’s outdoor events expert, merchandiser Stephanie Zastrow.

She says the most successful booths that she’s seen at shows are ones that make the customer/client part of the ‘show’. Vendors interact with them and have them participate to create a personal experience. Here are some practical tips for creating interest in your booth, getting people involved and making your next event a success.


What are some things customers may overlook when planning an outdoor event? How can imprinted promotional products overcome those things?

Steph: “Doing something to bring attention and draw people to your booth is important. Have attention-grabbing games, colors or possibly refreshments, etc. Try for the total look. Visually tell a cohesive story about your company or mission—and make sure it can be seen from a distance and understood at a glance.”

A red reusable Clip It Portable Cutlery Set.


What should customers keep in mind when ordering banners and displays? Are there certain color schemes that are more effective or eye-catching? Or should they stick with their own logo colors or more neutral shades?

Steph: “Banners and displays have a lot of room for information and are a big opportunity for grabbing the attention of potential customers or clients. Don’t be afraid of color and it’s good to push the boundaries, but there is such a thing as too much. Try to be creative, but don’t make your display so busy that it’s hard to understand your mission, story or purpose.”

A rectangular Magnetic Car Sign.


Do you have any recommendations on games? How will people who play the game remember the brand after the games or event is over?

Steph: “The prize wheel is always a good interactive game. Have fun with it and encourage visitors to as well. Small prize giveaways, such as imprinted pens, small notebooks, travel mugs, coolers or product coupons, can help visitors remember your business after they leave the event. If your event is for your employees, these same giveaways make great souvenirs.”

A blue 12 oz. Kappa Travel Tumbler.


Since the success of an outdoor event can hinge on the weather, what should organizers keep in mind when buying a tent? Do you recommend having a rain date or relying on something else to fall back on, like a shelter?


Steph: “Keep in mind the space you’re going to be in, how many times you plan on using the tent (Should you go for good, better or best quality?), and if there are accessories available to help adapt the tent to fit your event or environment. As far as a rain date or shelter, it’s really a personal choice and depends on what’s available for the event.”

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