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Posted: April 15, 2022 3 min read

Many businesses are facing supply chain issues. Whether your challenges involve keeping items in stock or experiencing long shipping delays, we offer helpful tips plus customer service giveaway ideas to keep your customers and your team happy, even during disruptions.



There’s no such thing as too much communication about an issue. Keep customers in the know about store stock and their orders to avoid any surprises. Use rectangle or oval Shelf Wobblers to keep shoppers informed about what’s out of stock and when it is expected to be back on shelves. Imprint in-store sail signs or Sunrise Signs with updates about shipping times, alternative solutions or other helpful information.

Transparency builds trust—even when delivering news about delays or unfilled orders. Show your company is transparent by quickly responding to all customer inquiries, preferably no later than 24 hours. Or sooner if possible. Always remain calm, kind, understanding and, of course, be honest. The right response can turn an unhappy customer around.


Keep customers engaged

Help customers view your brand as one that goes above and beyond by keeping them engaged while they wait for their order. Send a customer service giveaway, like a stainless bottle or a beautiful vacuum mug, along with a note of thanks for their patience and their business. A useful gift accompanied by kind words will remind them your brand cares.

Encourage customers to sign up for text or email updates to keep them informed. And post regular supply chain updates on social. Incentivize customers to follow you by offering a giveaway to those who do. A laptop sleeve or colorful cap is a great choice.


Recognize customer difficulty

Supply chain issues can be tough on customers. Maybe their loved one won’t receive their birthday gift on time. Or perhaps the shipping delay is going to cause a major bottleneck for a B2B customer. When your brand shows it recognizes this difficulty, customers feel seen, heard and understood.

Listen carefully to customers. People can sense when someone is genuinely concerned about what they have to say. Resist the urge to defend—even if the customer is upset about something outside of your control. Put yourself in their shoes. And when someone takes the time to share their concerns, send a customer appreciation gift, such as a performance jacket, auto-open folding umbrella or lunch tote, accompanied by a note that thanks them for reaching out. This sort of gesture can go a long way toward mending a customer relationship.


Send client care packages

When supply chain issues prevent your customer from getting what they want, educate them about alternative solutions. Perhaps the product they’re looking for online is available in store. Or maybe there’s a similar product your customers are unaware of. Work to educate customers about alternative solutions to address their needs—even if that means buying from someone else. Customers will remember your brand put their needs above all else.

Make a memorable impression when you create a care package filled with customer appreciation gifts. For example, if they order a premium luxury tent, but shipping is delayed by two months, create an outdoor-themed care package with a fleece/nylon outdoor blanket, outdoor multifunction tool kit and a campfire ceramic mug tucked inside an outdoor cooler tote. This type of gesture shows customers your brand will always go the extra mile.


Start solving supply chain issues

While many things are out of your control, you can still satisfy customers when you make every effort to help them. With ideas like over-communicating, recognizing customer difficulty and providing customer service giveaways, retaining and gaining customers becomes easy. Good luck!