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Posted: July 30, 2021 4 min read

Applauding employees who excel at their jobs makes your star staff members feel appreciated, cared for and recognized. Spotlighting your superstars also benefits your business—40% of employees say they’d put extra energy into their job if they were recognized more often. If you’d love to show your top crew members some appreciation, we offer a few ideas plus staff recognition gifts to help say thank you.


Throw a surprise party with fun party favours

A surprise party takes staff recognition to a whole new level. When star team members walk into work one morning expecting just another normal day at the office, they’ll be thrilled to discover an appreciation party is waiting. Offer a nice spread of snacks, like bagels and fruit or a charcuterie board. Put out a tin of S’mores for everyone to enjoy.


Get people engaged with a “Who Knows the Star Best” game. List several questions about your star performers (like how tall they are or what their favourite movie is). Whoever gives the most correct answers wins. Toast their success with champagne flutes filled to the brim with a bubbly beverage. Before the party’s over, pass out fun party favours, like mint tins or sunglasses.


Provide lunch (or a stocked lunch cooler)

Taking star employees out to lunch is a fantastic way to say thank you. They get quality one-on-one time with you as well as a chance to step away from work for a bit. They can ask you a bunch of questions or simply sit back and relax. If an in-person lunch isn’t feasible, send them a box lunch in a two-tone lunch cooler. If they like to camp and backpack, they’ll love having their lunch packaged in a Chic Cooler Backpack.


Or offer them useful employee appreciation giveaways for everyday life. If they have kids in school, bamboo lunch sets make packing school lunches easy. Besides being able to give their kids a cute lunch box, your team members will also appreciate the multifunctional design.


Discuss their ideas and reward them with gifts

Plan one-on-one meetings with your best employees to discuss ideas they have for improving workflow and processes. This shows that you respect their ideas and take them seriously. Before you meet, give them a spiral notebook and twist pen and highlighter to record their ideas and highlight their favourites. As a thank-you for their time, provide a staff recognition gift after the meeting, like a handy multi-tool or an attractive knife set.


You can also designate a star employee as “breakroom boss” for the day. They get to choose their favourite snacks and drinks for the breakroom, as well as their preferred background music.


Recognize off-the-clock efforts with employee appreciation giveaways

Your star employees are likely also stars outside of work. Maybe they volunteer at the local animal shelter or food pantry. Perhaps they’re budding painters or writers working on their next masterpiece. Or maybe they’re busy shuttling kids between school events. Whatever they do on their own time, let them know you see how incredible they are.


During your next staff meeting, give a shout-out to your stars. Or if your top employees prefer private recognition, write a heartfelt message in a card. Mention a few of the ways you see them rocking it outside of work. You can also provide a gift box filled with employee appreciation giveaways, like a new tea and coffee mug to use every morning (or any time of day). Or give them a poker chip set to help them have fun and unwind after a long day. If they have a favourite hobby, give them something that correlates with their hobby, like a dozen new golf balls or a coloured pencil pack.


Show genuine appreciation

With ideas like providing lunch and discussing top team members’ ideas, your star employees will feel honoured and appreciated. And with a few staff recognition gifts, your best team members will be more loyal than ever.