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Posted: April 06, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Spring’s arrival signals warmer weather and the urge to get outside and exercise! Your customers, prospects and staff all share the need for hydration…and the need for fun logo-printed water bottles.

Whether you are promoting a company wellness program or just want to hand out some useful, memorable promotional gifts at a trade show or open house, branded water bottles fill the bill.


We chatted with Mae, 4imprint’s drinkware guru in the Merchandising Department, to find out what’s trendy and cool in sport bottles and other hydration tools. Here are her observations:

Glass-lined bottles insulate and make your message crystal clear:

Glass is back as a great insulator, but this time it’s protected with a clear Tritan™ plastic exterior on the 12-ounce ZOKU® Suspended Core Bottle. The gorgeous colors are added to the glass for a distinctive look! The paracord carrying handle and screw-on lid give this fun water bottle a style all its own. “And the best part is that you are still drinking out of the glass neck of the bottle,” Mae said. ZOKU offers printed vacuum stainless bottles and travel mugs, too. Another brand that is always making updates to their water bottle colors and styles is CamelBak®. One of our top-selling bottles—the CamelBak Chute —has an updated lid that keeps the smaller cap out of the way while drinking. CamelBak also has added many trendy colors for their Tritan and vacuum stainless bottles.


Rugged steel and aluminum vacuum bottles get handles and new colors:

“Metal water bottles are one of the most popular items right now in the retail world and the same thing holds true for our promotional world as well,” Mae explained. “Metal feels more durable and is rugged for outdoor activities or even just bringing to work with you to stay hydrated throughout your day.” Nothing says take me along like our best-selling aluminum bottles with convenient carabiners or even handles with built-in carry loops (26 oz. Pacific and 17 oz. Lil’ Shorty Aluminum Sport Bottles and 24 oz. Sip & Flip Aluminum Bottle). The other very popular material in water bottles is vacuum insulated stainless steel, which will keep beverages cold (or hot) for an amazingly long time. Be sure to check out three multi-color ombre versions of our best-selling h2go Force Vacuum Bottle that mimic the hot colors of the retail world.


Water bottles with speakers, pill bottles and phone stands? We have those!

Water bottles are not just only for hydration anymore! They of course are still mostly used for hydration but then they have additional features to help make your life that much easier/better.   “Bluetooth speakers are one of the hottest trends in retail right now—and of course, what goes better with water when you are working out than your favorite tunes?” Mae noted. Check out the Rumble Bottle with Bluetooth Speaker #144021 in two sizes and the 24 oz. Ozzy Tritan Audio Bottle. “But why stop there? There are bottles that have a phone stand (h2go Port Sport Bottle), pill box (Pill Organizer Sport Bottle) or compartment to carry your protein powder (Lava Fitness Shaker Bottle and Fitness Fanatic Shaker Bottle Set) as well. You will want to work out even more with these bottles!”


Flip your lid for many customer-pleasing top options:

“Another way that we are making some of our best-selling plastic water bottles—including our exclusive ReFresh brand—better is to add additional lid options for you. We still have our hugely popular push/pull lids, but now there are additional options like flip top, flip-up straw, tethered and even some with a straw as well.”