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Posted: June 21, 2024 3 min read

Keeping your brand front and center longer can result in stronger associations and recall. And according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, certain giveaways—including health items, drinkware and some office supplies—are kept for one year or longer. Others, like apparel, umbrellas and tech accessories, are kept for two or more years (PDF). If your brand is in it for the long game, discover popular promoters that people are sure to hang onto.

Engage prospects with durable promoters

Encourage customers to become brand ambassadors who actively spread the word. Implement a tiered reward system to express appreciation for each successful referral. Offer a ball cap for a first-time referral, an athletic shirt for the second and gift them with a high-quality business bag for the third, continuing with increasing rewards.

If you’re hunting for creative ways to interact with prospects, try a fun seasonal contest. Before you know it, autumn will arrive. Launch a foliage photo challenge to encourage your audience to capture stunning fall scenes—from a colorful tree-lined street to a cozy indoor setup to an adventurous hike. Incentivize participation by entering everyone who submits a photo into a prize drawing for a durable piece of fleece outerwear.

Welcome new team members using promotional products for employees

Showcase your commitment to new hires’ success starting on day one. Welcome new team members with a newbie survival kit. Include a personalized welcome card and a desk calendar pre-filled with important dates, gatherings and events. Get them ready to hit the ground running with a coffee mug, USB drive bracelet and power bank.

Lastly, help them feel connected from the start by curating a meet-your-team guide that includes photos and fun facts about their colleagues. New team members are sure to feel prepared and warmly welcomed.

Show client appreciation with lasting promotional products

Welcome new clients with an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Invite them to lunch with their account manager or the head of the company. When lunch is over, gift them with a practical reminder of your brand, like a folding umbrella with a welcome note attached, or an insulated tumbler filled with gourmet tea or coffee.

Deepen your relationship by celebrating clients’ significant milestones. When a customer becomes a first-time parent, congratulate them by sending a baby T-shirt and meal service gift card. If a client celebrates an important anniversary, toast them by gifting a box of old-fashioned glasses.

Enhance events with sought-after swag

Draw attention to your brand at the next trade show with a display of stainless steel water bottles. Imprint them with a QR code that leads people to an interactive landing page. This modern approach keeps your brand within reach and sparks curiosity.

Sponsoring a fundraiser? Provide participants with mini mementos, like lip balm and writing sets. These functional gifts will be used long after the event.

Distribute bento boxes with bamboo cutlery at corporate retreats or team-building events. Place a few healthy, easy recipes inside for the gift that keeps on giving.

Seize the staying power

With countless brands vying for attention, longevity marketing provides a tangible way to keep your organization top of mind. By incorporating enduring promotional products for employees and customers, you can create lasting impressions that stick around for years to come.