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Posted: June 18, 2021 | Updated: July 12, 2021 4 min read

Weekends are a break from the office, but they don’t have to be a break from your brand. The average household owns 30 promo products, so it’s easy to keep your name in front of clients all weekend long. Whether they’re whipping up a new dish, driving to an appointment or relaxing in the yard, here are ideas for promotional home items that will help keep you top of mind.

Fill their home

Many household items get used every day, making them ideal promos. Spice up their kitchen by giving them a pop up oregano planter kit as a free gift with purchase. All eyes will be on your brand when you hand out glitter lamps to your best customers. Want to get lots of engagement on social media or encourage passersby to stop in? Hold a random giveaway to win a full-color shower curtain. If you’re calling on a client, leave behind a promotional household item, like a microfiber duster.

Deck out their car

Hauling kids to school, commuting to work, running errands—people spend a lot of time in the car. Remind them of your brand and how helpful you are every time they get behind the wheel. Hand out free auto air fresheners to new clients for a breath of fresh air. Thank long-time clients for their business with a handy trunk organizer with cooler. They’ll think of you every time they do a little car maintenance when you give out funnels. You can even include a note with advice on how to keep their car in tip-top shape. If you have clients who travel, gift them an auto emergency set for their birthday or as a thank-you gift for closing a sale.

Create backyard memories

Warm weather draws most people to the outdoors, making yard games the perfect surprise gift for loyal customers. Help them make new memories with a few rounds of wooden ring toss. Use social media to host a “yard challenge.” Competitions can include who has the most unique landscaping, who has the most colorful flowers or who has the lushest garden. Give everyone who enters a colorful wood bird house or a mini foam football. Grand-prize winners get a backyard chair.

Gear up their garage

Whether they’re doing car repairs or crafty woodworking projects, your brand can help keep clients’ garages stocked. Do you have new client who enjoys handyman projects? A tool set makes a great welcome gift. Every time they need a screwdriver or pliers, they’ll remember you. The next time your client drops a small item in a hard-to-reach pace, they’ll be thankful you gave them a magnetic light-up retriever. Handy rubberized LED work lights or the unique tire-shaped tool case make great prizes for social media posts. Ask followers to tag friends and family and enter everyone who does into a drawing.

Be remembered

With promotional home items, whether clients are in their living room or working on a project in the garage, you can help keep your brand in their mind. Even when clients are off the clock.