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Aug 26, 2016

Traditional, printed calendars have been highly effective promotional tools for years. And even with so many types of electronic schedulers and devices available, printed calendars are still regularly seen on desks and walls, being used to check dates, make note of appointments and keep track of holidays. Plus, they are a low-cost, high-visibility product that will get your message and logo seen every day—at least 365 times!

So consider some of these calendars when deciding on your next promotion.

4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Daily inspiration:
Calendars that feature a daily message increase engagement and provide positive messages. Motivate them with the Empowering Thoughts Calendar. The Power of Words Tent-Style Desk Calendar takes up little desk space, but yields big dividends. When you need an affordable giveaway with a lasting message, try the Eternal Word Mini Calendar, featuring 12 months of New International Bible quotes. The Motivations Desk Pad gives them plenty of space for important planning notes and reminders, plus a powerful message and quote each month.

Inspirational Calendar



4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Go wild:
Wildlife calendars bring a little outdoor beauty indoors. The North American Wildlife Large Wall Calendar dresses up their walls and keeps your logo prominent. Waterfowl fans and conservationists will love the Ducks Unlimited® Calendar—and a portion of the sale proceeds goes to wetlands protection! Affordable Wildlife Trek and Backyard Birds Appointment calendars make great after-the-sale giveaways or open house gifts.


4imprint Exclusive 2017 Wildlife Calendar



4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Share their interests:
Calendars that deal with special interests can be very meaningful and educational. Appeal to their sense of nostalgia with the Farmer’s Almanac Home Hints or The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather calendars. Those looking to live a healthier lifestyle will surely love the Healthy Living Calendar, which provides easy- to-implement health tips, or the Wellness Calendar with information on relaxation and self-discovery.

Classic Cars Calendar



4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Vacation in their cubes:
They don’t need a plane ticket or expensive resort booking to get away from it all—they just need these escape-theme vacation calendars! When they are tired of cold weather, treat them to a tropical mental vacation with the Beaches Calendar or Mexico Calendar. Your organization will be remembered all year long when you hand out Glorious Getaways Mini Calendars or World Scenic Calendars.

American Splendor Large Wall Calendar

Promotional products can have year-long effectiveness, if you choose a calendar that’s both useful and beautiful. Calendars will always be in style.


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