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Posted: February 16, 2018 | Updated: May 24, 2023

Eighty percent of people say they feel stressed at work, and almost half of them say they need help learning how to manage it. Stress can have a big impact on mood and overall health. Persistent stress can cause headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure and even heart disease. Help your employees and customers keep their stress levels in check with promotional stress relievers and add some Zen to your workplace.


Head-clearing fidget toys

If your team members have too much on their minds, it can make focusing difficult. Fidget spinners have been shown to help relieve stress and lessen anxiety, making them the perfect item to keep on hand. The Turbo Boost PromoSpinner features a classic design with three weighted circles and Turbo Boost inserts that allow it to spin for up to two minutes! Attach the Cara-Spinner to a bag or keychain for stress relief anywhere. The two ends of the spinner are made of durable zinc alloy carabiners that create a spinning effect. A great conversation starter, the Fidget Fun Block comes with all the bells and whistles. Each side of the cube has a different button or switch for hours of fidgeting fun.


Traditional stress relievers

When tensions rise, send in the stress relievers! These traditional office accessories allow users to squeeze away stress. For a quick smile, leave the Friendly Face Stress Ball around the office. It has feet so it won’t roll off desks. When writer’s block hits, the Mini Energy Saver Lightbulb Stress Reliever saves the day. Just a few squeezes can help get the ideas flowing. The Tangle Stress Reliever is both a stress reliever and a bouncy ball. It provides the perfect excuse for a fun break on a demanding day. The unique shape of the Cube Stress Reliever makes your logo stand out. Plus, it’s an eye-catching display for your brand messaging when not in use.


Relaxation themed gift baskets

During especially busy times of the year, a relaxation-themed gift basket can be a thoughtful way to reduce stress, increase motivation and show team members you care about their well-being. Yoga is a proven stress reducer. Combine the Exercise Mat, with its convenient carry bag, and a gift card to a yoga studio for a basket that’s sure to be well received. Encourage downtime with a Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book and set of colored pencils. The book has 24 pages of intricate and detailed patterns. A nice desk plant paired with the Keyboard Guide – Stress Relief Exercises is another great option. Recipients can keep the handy card on their desk for quick reference when they need a break.


Take-home stress relievers

Inspire them to unwind at the end of the day with these stress giveaways for the home. The Zen Bath Salt Pouch comes with essential oil infused bath salts. The relaxing blend is the perfect addition to any bath. Lavender essential oils are known to have a calming effect and reduce stress. Burn the Zen Candle in a Mason Jar to fill rooms with the essence of lavender and chamomile and watch tension melt away. Or, give away lavender Zen Essential Oil to diffuse or drop in a bath. Nothing says relaxation like a massage. The Star Shaped Massager eases tension in the shoulders or neck. This is a must-have stress-relief tool for the home.


Are you relaxed yet?

Now it’s time to bring these promotional stress relievers and tips to your office and to your customers. After all, less stress means a happier and healthier workplace.