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Posted: July 14, 2017 | Updated: August 09, 2018

When you’re picking the best promotional products for your next corporate event, trade show or marketing campaign, it’s nice to get a second opinion. With so many options, it’s sometimes hard to decide which giveaways to choose. We’ll let you in on a little secret: One of our favorite places to find inspiration is straight from the source—our customers! To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite favorites. Without further ado, here are some promotional top picks chosen by our customers.


 Top-notch tech promotional products. 
Electronics and computer or phone accessories are always a hit. Customers use them regularly and will keep them for a long time. Check out a few creative uses for tech promotional products.


Customer Story:
“Thank you 4imprint for our earbuds! They have been a huge success at #rims2017. It’s the last day of the conference and only a few are left.” —RMC Group



Customer Story:
“We are using this cell phone wallet to create awareness and encourage our members to use the mobile app for their convenience.” —Jennifer at Family Trust Federal Credit Union




 Best promotional products for sports fans.
From 16″ Beach Balls to Light-Up Cloud Bouncy Balls and everything in between, sports balls are a fun way to engage customers both young and old. Here’s some inspiration for choosing the best promotional products for sports fans.


Customer Story:
“At Westlake Medical Center, most of our tenants are doctors. A few of the doctors do sports physicals at the local high school. They were able to hand out these footballs and basketballs to promote the entire medical center, hoping to bring more business to all of our tenants.” —Bernice at Westlake Medical Center



Customer Story:
“Free basketball stress ball for you when you come out to the basketball shoot out in the new gym after devotions.” —The Youth Group at Grace Lutheran School


Promotional inspiration that earns a green thumbs-up. 
At a trade show or networking event, a Standard Series Seed Packet or Plant-A-Shape Herb Garden Bookmark is a great way to stand out in a crowd. Whether you use them as giveaways to prospects or as a thank you to current customers, these favorites are sure to draw some attention to your brand.


Customer Story:
“The Money Plant Impression Series Seed Packet was well received. Many said they enjoyed it. The seeds were tucked in with a witty letter to potential advertisers, reminding them they could ‘grow their business’ and with Our Wisconsin Magazine ‘it’s money well spent.’ We look for quirky products throughout the year to catch their attention and this one was a hit!” —Wendi at Our Wisconsin Magazine



Customer Story:
“Folk Alliance International 2017, a five-day music conference for folks around the world, went ‘green’ this year. Where there used to be plastic cups at the water stations and refillable bottles for sale, it was bring your own.

No music posters allowed over two of the five floors of the conference, replaced with digital advertising boards. So, how to tie in the CD release for ‘A Thousand Shades of Blue’ with the green theme? With packets of blue Forget-Me-Not Seed Packets, imprinted on the backside with the CD info! These were a huge hit and 4imprint did a great job with quick turnaround and great pricing.” —Stephanie at Folk Alliance International 2017



Customer Story:
“We are having a quilters’ shop hop with the theme ‘quilters flower patch.’ Every shopper will receive a seed packet. A local retreat center used the back of the packet to advertise her business, which helped with the cost of the giveaway.” —Linda


Fun promotional products that know how to have a good time

Put a smile on their face with fun promotional products. The options are endless, and associating your brand with fun promos is a great way to break the ice and create a memorable experience.


Customer Story:
“We used these glassesat a trade show to help get people into our booth. We gave them a pair of glasses, invited them into one of our glow boxes and took a photo …  It was a hit and helped people feel comfortable to start asking questions about our products. As a bonus, it was a roller skating convention and they love all things retro and 80s! Many people remarked they were excited to wear their glasses at their next cosmic roller skating event.” —Sarah from Calhoun



Customer Story:
“Our Wellness Team had a last-minute idea to have (for lack of a better name) a Stress Less Week following the roll out of a brand new system. We handed out the boxing glove stress relievers to everyone with a note that said ‘Let us help you knock out your stress.’ The proof was received and approved the same day the order was placed and they arrived within a few days after that. Our logo looks great on them.” —Jennifer at JM Swank



Customer Story:
“We lined up the Lil’ Piggy Banks on a product table at the entrance to our event. Attendees were greeted by a fleet of smiling piggies and couldn’t resist taking one home with them! This product is a huge hit with our audience.” —Monique at RCN Capital

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