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Posted: July 08, 2022 5 min read

Want your brand to be remembered for years to come? Consider choosing something from one of these popular promotional categories:

  1. Drinkware
  2. Bags
  3. Apparel
  4. Pens

Stick in the minds of prospects, customers and employees with a giveaway that comes in handy every day. Not only will be they be reminded of your brand, but they’ll talk about your company to their friends and family, who might want to learn who you are and how you can help them. Our customers share how they use popular promotional products.

Thirsting for great branding

Quench their thirst with beautiful and functional drinkware—an always appreciated giveaway.

  • “We recently rebranded and wanted to share the excitement with our team and revealed these [water bottles] as staff gifts at our Q1 presentation meeting. They turned out excellent and also motivate our team to drink more water and display our brand during video team meetings and calls.” – Christel from SNI
  • “The “Glencoe:” A tribute to a Newfoundland Labrador coastal boat. An ole English pint glass 16 oz. A great conversation starter when you are reminiscing of ships and men. Limited Edition High quality product, very dishwasher safe and endurance, great product. I’ll have more manufactured in the future.” – Derek from Glencoe
  • “These mugs were ordered as a fundraiser item to sell in the community to raise funds for a new elementary playground! The mugs arrived nicely on time, of good quality and we were able to send them home with the students before the holidays so they can enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in their new mug!” – Christian from Calvin Christian School
  • “We ordered 22 oz stadium cups for an open house! The customers loved receiving them with their lunch. They were a huge hit!” – Jesse from Hi Line

Get your brand moving

There’s a reason bags are a popular promo item. From showing staff appreciation to providing customers a useful giveaway, bags save the day many times over.

  • “It was an urgent order for a client of mine and we needed the bags within 2 weeks, other suppliers were quoting us way more expensive than we ended up paying to 4imprint. Glad to see the end results. I hope to place more orders soon for more of my clients.” – Muhammad from Best Life Travel
  • “We filled this bag with fun art activities, recipes, chocolates, candles, dreidels, gift cards and many more surprises to give away to the community.” Nancy from J
  • “We decided after a crazy year our staff more than deserved a gift. With ever-changing restrictions, we wanted to give them something we knew they could use this summer. Enter the cooler backpack from 4imprint. We are giving each staff member a branded Chic Cooler Backpack filled with everything they need for a picnic for two. They’ll be sent home early next Friday with a picnic in hand! These bags are great, especially for the price point.” – Erin from Stevenson
  • “We are using bags for customers instead of plastic to reduce waste.” – Rob from Babas

Dress for success with perfect apparel

When they look good, they feel good. Put your brand front and centre with apparel your staff and customers will love.

  • “We had our shirts made for a fundraising tournament for cancer!” – Tracey
  • “These are our work shirts – they are comfy and help us look great! We’ve recently ordered more.” – Shane
  • “I use these shirts when teaching for my company, Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd. The black looks professional whether I’m in a classroom or in a dirty mechanical room, and the polyester is breathable on a hot, humid pool deck!” – Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd.
  • “Love our new shirts. Logo looks great. We changed it a little from our last order from another company and are really glad we did. Won’t be going back to the other guys again. Thanks 4imprint Canada.” – Arran

The “write” giveaway at the right time

At home, in the office or on the go, a pen is a classic giveaway people will always use. That’s why it’s such a popular promotional product.

  • “I can’t seem to keep my pen, it keeps disappearing! I had to put out a whole cup of them, and they are disappearing fast. Smooth, even writing, comfortable grip and our logo is NOT teeny tiny on it. 10 out of 10 on this pen!” – Kim from Grant’s
  • “We use this pens as Continuous Improvement swag items for each production employees on submitting ideas for improvement. Love it.” – Vikash from COMS
  • “I am using these awesome pens as a business card! They are a hit! Guaranteed to be used by the recipient and not thrown away as a paper card would! I give to customers in their order, to waiters and waitresses with their tip, and I made packets up for teachers to use as they return to school!” – Rhonda
  • “The pens just arrived and look fantastic! They write smoothly and have a good feel in your hand when writing.” – Ron from Plastic Fabrication Company

Popular promo items set you up for success

What’s your most popular promotional product? Go to our #SwaggingRights page and share your story with us.