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Posted: June 11, 2019 | Updated: March 10, 2021

There’s a reason the phrase two heads are better than one has been popular for more than four centuries—it’s a timeless piece of wisdom. And just as two people tackling a problem can come up with a better solution, two (or more) organizations working together can maximize their marketing efforts.


These tips—and promotional giveaway ideas—will help you build partnerships with other businesses to increase your marketing reach.


Send them on a journey

One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to get more people through the door. After all, they need to know about your company before they can work with you. Team up with several nearby companies and do a scavenger hunt. Have participants visit multiple area businesses to find their items. Incorporate business promotional products into the contest. For example, one of the items to find could be a puzzle piece. You could provide branded Organizer Foam Puzzle Cubes. Or have them look for something green and hand out Avocado Sticky Pads.


Pool resources to promote and sell

Make a bigger splash with your marketing budget by pooling your resources. By combining funds, you can buy larger print ads or get a greater number of impressions on social or other digital channels.


Start by choosing a compatible partner. For example, a local gym and a health food store likely have a similar target audience. Split the cost of a promotional giveaway product like a Colossal Tote or a Lunch Sack Tote, and imprint with branding from both companies. Offer a discount when they bring the bag into either business.


Create extraordinary events

Partnering with other businesses allows you to make a bigger impression on the community. Co-sponsor a local run or walk for a good cause and pass out Bottled Water or Refresh Clutch Water Bottles to participants.


Step things up a notch by combining resources for a large event, such as a Bizarre After Dark, Ladies Night Out or Food Truck Friday, that can help you drum up business during some of the slower times of the year. Giveaways can attract potential customers to your gathering. Hosting a ladies’ night? Give out a Lip Gloss Ball with the date on it. Plastic Nickels work great as a coupon for a free or discounted item at a food track rally.


Promotional products are also great ways to thank people for attending. A Mood Stadium Cup or Zip-up Bottle KOOZIE® Kooler with Opener will be used—and seen—long after the event.


Team up for discounts

Working together also allows you to offer impressive discounts, which can encourage people to try your business. For example, find several businesses who wish to participate in a discount card program. You can either run the discount for a specific amount of time or offer one-time discounts via a punch card. Plastic Membership Cards can help track visits and encourage customers moving from business to business to take advantage of your great deals.


Helping your community is another way to draw attention to your brand. Create a joint fundraiser with neighboring businesses to support a local nonprofit. Ask customers for a donation in exchange for a one-time discount or a chance to win a business promotional product like an Eddie Bauer® Laptop Backpack or a Carhartt® Signature 12-Can Vertical Cooler.


Collaboration for the win

When you’re looking for a way to connect with customers, great promotional giveaway products and company partnerships are always good for business.