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Posted: June 23, 2023

Partnership marketing can be a highly effective way to grow your audience, increase brand awareness and generate new leads. This strategic collaboration usually involves two businesses pairing up to offer something to customers. Seventy-one percent of people like it when brands work together. Kickstart your partnership marketing efforts with smart giveaway ideas.


Co-branding: Double the power

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? With co-branding, you can partner with another business to offer a product, service or package deal that combines your strengths.

Give away camo caps and push-pop balls, imprinted with both brands’ logos, at the launch of your co-branded initiative. Create gift boxes filled with branded merch and discount coupons. Or team up to create a special offer, like a package deal or limited-edition product. Use smart giveaway ideas , like light-up charging cables and vacuum tumblers, to reward those who cash in on your special deals.

H2: Joint themed events: Sharing is caring

Share the love (and the benefits) by hosting a themed event with another organization. Create custom swag bags filled with promo items that reflect the event’s purpose. For example, if the event is nature-inspired, fill totes with nature-themed coloring books and picnic blankets. Imprint all promo items with both organizations’ logos for maximum impact.

Want to involve the entire community in your next event? Host a scavenger hunt. Include items that people can find at both organizations’ locations and assign specific tasks to complete around the neighborhood. People who complete the scavenger hunt receive a fun, one-of-a-kind glitter duck or an entry into a prize drawing for an entertaining yard game.

Cross-selling: A match made in heaven

Cross-selling is all about finding that perfect match. By partnering with another business to promote each other’s products or services, you can offer customers added value and benefits. Create custom sample packs that include products from both organizations. This works well for many types of businesses, regardless of whether they carry similar products. A coffee shop and skincare brand could create a sample kit using a coffee mug filled with sunscreen and other samples, for example.

Team up to offer discounts on each other’s products or services when a customer shops both brands. Thank customers for their business by handing out co-branded wood serving sets or cotton T-shirts.

Collaborative content: Strength in numbers

Collaborative content leverages the strengths of both businesses to create something truly special. Create a banner display that showcases both organizations. For example, a pet food brand and local animal shelter could show dogs and cats next to the branded pet food. Include a QR code where people can get more information about your brands’ joint efforts or make a donation.

Host a webinar where both partners share their expertise. Or create a joint video series discussing relevant industry trends. Enter those who view your work into a prize drawing. Compact umbrellas, outdoor wireless speakers and campfire roasting sticks make great prizes.

Partner up

Whether you co-brand a product or service, run a joint-themed event, cross-sell with another brand or collaborate on content, your organization can reap the benefits of partnership marketing. Don’t forget to use one or more smart giveaways to drive your message home.