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Posted: March 05, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Standard promotional tote bags serve a basic purpose: to carry your customer’s literature and goodies while sharing your logo with the world. But Melanie from our Merchandising Department says not all bags are created equally. Special-purpose bags provide added value and function that your customers and prospects will appreciate—for just a few bucks more.

“While all bags are designed to carry things, some are designed a bit better,” Melanie explained. “These are designed with a purpose, making everyday essentials a little easier to handle.”


Customizable carrying

Put your logo on bags with adjustable handles or multifunction straps, Melanie advised. For example, a few simple strap adjustments will convert the Basecamp Beast of Burden Convertible Backpack into a duffel bag. It’s like getting two bags in one. Another option your end-users will appreciate is a bag with a built-in sleeve for an electronic device, like the Kapston Pierce Laptop Backpack Tote. When they’re on the go, the extra padding helps protect their laptop, tablet or other device.


Easily accessible

A large main compartment allows your customers and prospects to quickly get at their gear. From the wide-mouth opening on the Conway Cinchpack Tote to the U-shaped zippered main compartment on the Reveal Laptop Backpack, it’s easy to see exactly what’s in the bag at a quick glance.


Tech friendly

Just as advancements are constantly being made in technology, we’re seeing advancements in bag design as well, especially in bags designed to transport all those tech devices. The Ferris Tote with USB Port, for example, features a built-in USB port and charging cable. Just plug a power bank into the port and your customer is all set to charge a phone or other device.


Traveling light

No one wants to be weighed down by a bulky bag while traveling. Lightweight bags—especially those that are packable or foldable—make traveling easier. Compact bags can be stowed away in the car or packed as an extra travel bag for souvenirs. The Vertex Fusion Packable Backpack packs into its zippered front pocket for easy storage. And the lightweight elleven Lunar Lightweight Laptop Backpack conveniently stores all their essentials without weighing them down.