4imprint, LLC

Posted: May 24, 2024

The return of summer—and the array of outdoor events that come with it—means once again the sun can provide its one-of-a-kind spotlight on your brand. And there’s more good news: Out-of-home advertising, which includes billboards, posters and other outdoor messaging, bounced back in 2023, exceeding the $8.6 billion mark for the first time since 2019. With the right outdoor marketing materials , you can ensure your brand soaks up all the attention this summer and beyond.


Signage to draw people in


Whether you’re participating in a farmers market or upgrading your long-standing home base, new signage can turn heads. A custom (and versatile) outdoor banner is ideal to refresh the outside of a brick-and-mortar location or promote your presence at events. It’s also a go-to for sponsorships—think ballparks or outdoor concerts.


In a crowded environment, there are a few tricks to standing out. A sidewalk messenger sign can supercharge foot traffic. Place it in front of your business or nearby where it can lure in pedestrians. A flag or blade sail sign can turn a summer breeze to your advantage, using a little movement to catch attention.


Structures to provide a place to gather


Sometimes, the sun is a little too intense. To keep your crowds cool—and your table, booth or any other outdoor spot looking cool—provide an outdoor tent. Don’t forget the tent accessories, including walls and weights, for a top-notch presentation and added stability.


If camping out at a summer festival, arts and crafts fair, convention or something similar, give your crew with comfy camp chairs that are easy to set up and take down. The director’s chair is a more structured option and might fit a more professional setting.


Auto accessories to move your message


For many, summer is the season of go, go, go. Take advantage of the miles you, your employees and your partners put on by giving their vehicles a splash of branding. Car magnets are a sure way to get noticed, acting as a mini billboard, whether parked in a driveway, cruising about town or waiting out an interstate jam.


Both bumper stickers and license plate frames get your brand noticed. They also make great prizes or handouts, giving loyal customers an easy way to publicly show their support. Businesses with a fleet might consider windshield sun shades to protect vehicle interiors while making a bold branding statement.


Swag to spread awareness


Outdoor events and activities in the coming months will provide opportunities to get customers, supporters and employees sporting your logo in public. When taking part in a community parade, hand out branded sunglasses to spectators. Offer bucket hats when contributing to a swag bag or at a promotional night for a sporting event.


Continue the theme of sun protection and use umbrellas as a reward for newsletter signups or on-the-spot social media follows. Sponsor a lunchtime music series or outdoor movie night for families and give the first 10 patrons a picnic blanket. These outdoor promotional items are a perfect fit for summer, and you’re bound to see them out and about season after season!


Strike while the sun is hot


For most people, the next few months are the busiest of the year. There’s a lot of fun to be had and much of it involves large gatherings. These events are opportunities to drive brand awareness. With strategic use of outdoor marketing materials, this could be the start of a summer you won’t soon forget.