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Posted: December 10, 2021 3 min read

Employees give their companies a lot of time and energy. When team members feel happy and relaxed at work, they are more productive and better able to contribute to a company’s bottom line. Stopping stress is key to a happy work environment. Here are a few office stress relief giveaways to get you started.


Refresh their workspace

If their workspace is dull, it can lead to feelings of unease. Freshen things up with an accent wall in a bright color. Or revamp your office by incorporating unconventional furniture, like director chairs. Make sure breakrooms are fully stocked and include fun items like color changing tumblers to make them smile. And don’t forget the healthy snacks! Trail mix can help boost their energy.

Be sure to include remote employees in your workspace revamp. Send them fun, useful items like a bamboo coaster set. They’re likely to appreciate healthy snacks, too!


Lighten their workload

The easiest way to know if your staff is feeling overwhelmed is to ask them. Schedule time to talk about how things are going and any potential problems. Be sure workloads are evenly distributed, so someone isn’t overwhelmed while another person is looking for something to do.

Ask employees if there are resources you could provide that could help reduce their workload. A good old fashioned weekly desk planner and a soft touch metal pen can go a long way to help with effective planning. Show thoughtfulness with simple stress relief giveaways like a stress reliever or a fidget toy they can keep at their desk.


Provide refreshing breaks

Go above and beyond to let employees know it’s important for them to take breaks. Even 10 minutes away from their computer can ease anxiety and stress. Provide anti-stress colouring book with coloured pencils, so they can make the most of their break time. Encourage them to enjoy their down time with ideas that cater to their personal hobbies. Employees who find cooking and baking relaxing are sure to appreciate a Measuring Spoon Set. For team members who enjoy things like nature walks and bird watching, a pair of binoculars is a fitting choice.


Keep futures clear

A primary source of stress for employees is not knowing what will happen in their future career. Be transparent about what you see for them and ask about their goals (and anything they might be worried about). Discuss where they want to be in the company in the next few years. Work with staff to form a high-level plan to help them grow into that role.

After meeting with your employees, give them something they can use for months or years to come. Their gift will serve as a tangible reminder that the company cares about them and their future. Caps, utility totes or T-shirts are great options.


Less stressed, more productive

When your team feels good, they’re able to do good work. These stress relief giveaways will help them feel refreshed and able to seize the day. Best of luck!