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Posted: September 14, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Promotional products for nonprofits can be a valuable tool when it comes to thanking volunteers, increasing donations and raising awareness. We’ve put together four stories featuring charitable organizations that used nonprofit promotional items, purchased with a 4imprint one by one® grant. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use promo products at your organization, let these ideas encourage and inspire you.

Showing recognition

Volunteers with Chatham County, North Carolina’s Friends of Lower Haw River State Natural Area, a local chapter of a statewide organization called Friends of State Parks, work hard to keep their beloved riverbeds free of trash. The organization was looking for a way to thank hardworking volunteers who give their time to pick up litter that gathers near the Haw River. With a one by one® grant, it purchased recycled promotional products for nonprofits including Adult 5.5 oz. Recycled T-Shirts for volunteers, as well as Bayside USA Made T-Shirts for donors and other supporters. These recycled items were a perfect fit for the organization’s mission and brand. 

Saying thanks

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) of Rock County connects seniors with volunteer opportunities. Activities include helping at after-school programs and folk fairs for children, working at food pantries, visiting those who are isolated and serving on boards of directors. All allow seniors a chance to give back. The charitable organization used its one by one grant to purchase custom screen-printed tote bags for attendees at its 45th volunteer recognition dinner. The Pisces Pocket Tote not only makes a great thank-you gift, volunteers use it to carry the books, pens and other items needed to perform their work all while promoting the brand.

Offering comfort

When a child must be removed from a home because of abuse or neglect, there is often little time to pack personal belongings. Most of the time, their few possessions are hastily placed in a plastic bag, adding to their sense of loss. With its grant, the Jackson County GAL/CASA (Guardian ad litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate) aimed to change that. The organization now provides Two-Tone Duffel Bags to those in transition. These bags not only provide a means for the children to carry their belongings, they offer a sense of belonging, as well.

Increasing awareness

Animal Resource Friends (ARF) ensures pet owners can keep their furry friends at home when times are tough by providing pet food and vouchers for spay and neuter services. With the help of its grant, the organization purchased Removable Euro Bumper Stickers, Javelin Pens and Pocket Coolies to attract donors and raise funds at its Sounds for Hounds fundraiser. These items were given out as thank-you gifts to those who attended the event. This led to an increase in donations and awareness.

We want to help

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