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Posted: January 25, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

In today’s digital world, trade shows are undeniably important. They provide the rare opportunity to meet new contacts face-to-face and build a memorable connection. Trade shows can also take brand awareness to a higher level. In fact, 71 percent of small and medium businesses that exhibit at trade shows earn sales after meeting clients in person.


Make the most of the trade shows with these marketing tips and some memorable trade show giveaways.


Set your team up for success

Before the trade show begins, give your team the training and tools they need to impress attendees. One way to do this is through role-playing. Have employees practice what to do and say in a variety of situations. Once your team has mastered the strategy you want them to use, give them Paper Mate® Profile Pens to take to the show. Have visitors to your booth write their contact information with the pen, and then let them take it home! Hand sanitizer is another useful trade show tool that is appreciated by vendors and visitors alike. The Spray Sanitizer easily fits in a pocket or clips to a belt loop or purse strap.


Send a clear message

The most important thing to remember at a trade show is that first impressions make all the difference. Visitors glancing at your booth should immediately know what your company does. Be sure your messaging is clear and straightforward. Make your messaging pop from a distance with a trade show banner. Featuring your unique design and easy-to-understand copy, the Value Indoor Banner is a great way to draw attendees to your booth.  Continue your messaging on a Snap Banner with Header. This stand-up banner provides additional space to talk about benefits, promotions and more. For a unique signage option, consider Removable Full Colour Floor Stickers. These stickers are a fun and noticeable way to get trade show attendees exactly where you want them to be: your booth.


Provide take-home material

It’s vital for contacts to have easy access to all your brand’s details, including contact information and sales promotions, after the trade show is over. Use aFull Colour Paper Two-Pocket Presentation Folder to create an organized packet that visitors can take with them. You could even upload videos to the Colourful Key USB Drive to include in the folder. Make a bigger impact by handing out a trade show giveaway that includes your contact information, such as the Castillian Weekly Pocket Planner . Every time they open this practical appointment book, they will be reminded of your brand.


Impress with a professional look

From employee apparel to tablecloths, ensuring your booth has a cohesive and professional look is another surefire way to stand out. The professional Soil Release Button Down Poplin Shirt comes in 15 colours and both mens’ and ladies’ styles, making it easy to coordinate your whole team. Don’t forget the details! Even lanyards, such as the Knit Cotton Lanyard, should match your messaging. For your table display, colour-coordinated tablecloths add a professional touch. The Closed-Back Table Throw comes in a convenient carrying case. Carry your colour scheme into your giveaways by choosing ear buds or sunglasses  in your brand’s primary colour.


Be the stand-out booth

From the best trade show banners to memorable trade show giveaways, your next booth is sure to make a big impression. Don’t be surprised when other exhibitors come to you for trade show tips.

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