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Posted: August 18, 2023

Building strong community connections can contribute to an organization’s success and draw loyal customers. What’s more, according to one study, 80% of businesses have a clear mission that involves giving back to the community. Create meaningful connections by combining community giveaways with fun ways to connect and give back. Here are four ideas to boost engagement in your community.

Create a time capsule

Capture the essence of your community by creating a time capsule. Post your plans on your website and social media and encourage people to contribute items, stories and photographs that represent their connection to the community and your business. Thank everyone who contributes by giving them a cotton tote or branded cap.

Ask neighboring businesses and community members to help promote the time capsule by displaying posters and yard signs.

Hang a “Hall of Heroes”

Know a local entrepreneur making an impact? Want to highlight a community nonprofit? Celebrate the heroes in your community with an honorary wall of fame. Post a photo and include a few paragraphs about why each nominee is being highlighted. Ask the community to vote for their favorites.

Celebrate nominees at an after-hours open house. Present all candidates with a ribbon and award winners with a lapel pin. Send everyone who attends home with a little something to remember the day, like a festive sugar cookie or mood cup.

Host a community fair

Laughter, excitement and fun—there’s nothing quite like a community fair. Come together with other local businesses and host an event that’s fun for all ages. Hand out playing cards, imprinted with the event’s date, to drum up excitement prior to the big day. Each business can set up a booth where they can share information, host a game and hand out prizes.

A rubber duck pool is fun for kids and kids at heart. Customize your own prize drop with discount coupons, cash and fun community event giveaways, like blossom kits.

Spice up connections

Delight taste buds and celebrate the diverse flavors of your neighborhood with a recipe collection. Encourage community members to share their favorite recipes and create a special cookbook that can be shared online for all to enjoy. Enter those who participate into a drawing for a  bamboo and silicone utensil set imprinted with a fun phrase, like “Savor the flavors of our community.”

Better yet, host a cook-off where everyone can make a dish to pass. Vote on the best recipes and give winners a special gift, like a skillet starter set. Thank everyone who attended with a small item to commemorate the day, like a recipe bookmark or set of measuring spoons.

A community that plays together, stays together

Help everyone in the neighborhood get to know and support each other by using these community giveaway ideas and fun ways to connect. Your organization will soon be a well-known brand.