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Posted: October 18, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Despite smartphones, LinkedIn® profiles and other digital tools, business cards are still a valuable lead generator. Whether it’s at a trade show, networking event or face-to-face meeting, business cards provide a tangible call-to-action that reminds recipients of your brand.


Traditional business cards include contact information, logos and taglines. But today, many also add social media handles, photos, maps or even textured design elements.


Raise the bar with memorable details and elements. Try one of these creative business card ideas to impress your audience.

Unconventional materials


Forget paper. For creative business cards, choose something different. Consider wood, metal, or any other material that complements your branding, event or even the season.


The Star Wood Ornament, for example, is perfect for making sales calls during the holiday season. In spring, hand out Wood Seed Stakes to help ‘grow’ your business. Or, if your company is in manufacturing, consider the Omicron Identification Tag as your calling card.


At trade shows, hand out a business card that travelers can put to use on their way home. A Luggage Tag in the shape of your home state is a clever idea. Or, the Pieceless Puzzle can help kill time on a long trip home, while providing a reminder to give you a call.


Unique shapes


Another way to stand out is to choose a unique shape or material. Practical promoters can be turned into business cards with a little creative thinking. And they’re affordable, too.


With every product catalog you hand out, include a bookmark-shaped business card. The Recycled Tire Bookmark is an excellent option. Plus, it’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled tires.


Coasters, which come in many shapes, are another unique business card idea. Go classic with the Round Pulpboard Coaster. Or think outside the box by choosing #1 Pulpboard Coasters. Take the coaster idea to the next level by working with other businesses to sell coasters in a pack. Include a coaster with a different coupon or offer from each business in every pack.


Instead of one, give them 52 business cards! As a pack of playing cards, that is. These unexpected business cards, such as the Value Playing Cards with Case, will surprise every recipient.


Useful gifts


For a unique business card idea that recipients are sure to hold on to, print your contact information on a gift that’ll get regular use. These small items can be printed with the same information as a business card, but they have a functional purpose, putting your information front and center every time recipients reach for your giveaway.


After new customers place an order, give them the 10-in-1 Emergency Tool Card, for example. The handy item can be kept on a key chain, ensuring easy access to both the tool and your contact information when they need to reorder.


If you want new contacts to remember you at home, add your contact information to a Jar Opener or Bottle Opener. They’ll know just where to find your information when they need it.


For a useful gift that will travel well, choose a tool they’ll use on the go, such as a Credit Card Size Magnifier. Just like a regular business card, it can be kept in their wallet.


Sticky messages


In addition to sharing your contact information, business cards are a great way to give new contacts a little taste of your brand’s personality. Whether it’s your tagline, brand colors or another special touch, business cards are the perfect place for your organization to express itself.


Make your memorable message stick (literally) by using a magnet or sticker as your business card. The Bic® 20 mil Calendar Magnet or Domed Magnet can be kept on a filing cabinet or office fridge. Or, if you’re planning an event, use these magnets as a reminder of the event date. Reach out to customers by including a special message on a Postcard with Perforated Jumbo Magnet that can double as a business card.


Place a stack of business card stickers on your reception desk or checkout counter. Customers can easily grab a sticker, like the Tamper Evident Chrome Sticker, when they visit and save it for later reference. Also, when mailing letters or packages, throw in a sticky business card, such as the City Front Smartphone Wallet


Say it with business cards


Give them a card they won’t soon forget. With these ideas for creative business cards, they’ll be in touch in no time.