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Posted: June 01, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Some marketing tools are considered classics because they’ve been around for decades and continue to do a great job as eye-catching advertisers. That’s certainly the case with magnets and stickers, which also offer tremendous value because of their low price!

Melinda, 4imprint’s magnet and sticker guru in the Merchandising Department, gave us her insights into some promos that are bound to stick: to their fridges and bumpers, and in their memories!

On the road

“With as busy as we all are today, the car is the perfect place to get your name out there,” Melinda said. “Whether we’re commuting to and from work or chauffeuring kids to school and activities, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Bumper stickers and magnets are mobile advertisements that ensure high visibility for your business. Many people today use their vehicles for business, traveling between customers and job sites. Give your vehicle a professional look and let everyone know who you are with magnetic car signs.” A few of her top choices include:

Full-Color Removable Vinyl Bumper Sticker

Branded blue and silver bumper sticker

Oval Car Magnet

Oval car bumper magnet with whale jumping out of ocean

On their mind

“Safety is an issue that is on most people’s minds these days. Whether you’re out and about or in your own home or workplace, privacy and safety are important,” Melinda said. “Get everyone involved and show your commitment to safety. Imprinted stickers are great for everything from keeping people out of where they don’t belong to bringing visibility where it’s needed. Even kids can learn the importance of safety early on with fun stickers.”

Reflective Sticker

Green circle sticker

Tamper Evident Chrome Sticker (106611-S)

Rectangle tamper evident red and silver sticker

On a roll

Melinda offered several great ideas for effectively using stickers in marketing: “Stickers and magnets make perfect additions to any event, whether you’re the event coordinator or an exhibitor. Removable, repositionable stickers and magnets make great temporary signage. They are long-lasting while you need them, but can be easily removed when the event is over. Stickers also can be used as removable indicators of payment in place of wristbands or hand stamps. Stickers and magnets also make great giveaways. Attendees take them home and your business name stays top of mind long after the event is over.”

Removable Full Color Floor Sticker

Removable circle floor sticker with wooden garden gate and flowers

Sticker by the Roll

Roll of basketball stickers


On their fridge

It’s so easy for prospects to toss your paper business card in the trash seconds after meeting you, but business card magnets just seem to stick around forever! “Whether you want to add professional details to your business or get your name out where your customers are most likely to see it, stickers and magnets are essential for every business,” Melinda said. “Keep your business and contact information where customers are most likely to need it with products for the office.” Your logo and phone number or email address are on their desk or even stuck to their monitor or computer tower, in the case of colorful Tech Tattoos!

Shipping Label

Red and white shipping label

Tech Tattoos

Round sticker with orange moon and black cat