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Posted: January 18, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Bandwagon advertising taps into a group mindset to persuade consumers a product is well worth the purchase. The idea? If it’s good enough for the group, it’s good enough for the individual. The goal is to show your audience that if they were to purchase your product or service, they would be part of a large group of people who already have.

Appeal to the masses and increase your demand by becoming the company everyone is buzzing about.  Gaining more followers for your business is always a good thing, so here are some fun ideas about creating bandwagon marketing.

Be the talk of the town.

It’s not just an epic Pretenders tune. Create buzz at your company that draws media attention, whether or not it’s directly related to your products and services. Maybe your business is donating to a charity. Maybe you’re doing something special for employees that catches the attention of a local TV news station. Make sure your outdoor signs and banners are in place at all times and looking spiffy—not only for your walk-in customers, but also for any potential media coverage. Generate “How’d you do that?” curiosity by posting staff charity work or interesting hobbies on your social media sites. And don’t be shy about sharing community or national awards


Create the cool place everyone is going.

Everyone wants to hang out at that certain coffee shop. Why? Because it’s cool (and sure, they have tasty drinks). Put unique touches on your offerings to gain the same kind of popularity. For example, a restaurant might offer a free dessert with every meal purchase. Or your bakery could consider offering pet-friendly treats. Depending on the type of business, you may want to think about staying open late on Friday nights during high school sporting events. Do something no one else does. Customers love to linger in a homey, softly lit business with gentle music. Hire passionate people who make your customers bubble about the service and create an ever-growing line at the door. A boutique could offer fresh premium coffee all day long. A gym might give every guest an orange with a sticker that says “Orange you glad you’re done? Thanks for visiting. See you next time!” Always look for that memorable finishing touch everyone looks forward to. Offer something extra to create a buzz.


Support your community—they’ll notice!

Share your organization’s good fortune with the community and watch your message spread. Sponsor charity runs, local sports teams and the homeless shelter. Put your logo on travel mugs, bags, caps and other giveaways (and share your good deeds on social media). Pretty soon, your community will be singing the praises of your outreach efforts and people will be eager to wear their logo apparel all the time, not just during a special event or game. It’s a simple strategy repeated over and over with our customers, and it’s extremely effective.


Get your slogan out there.

Think of some of the best-known product slogans (Nike’s “Just do it” comes to mind) and create a catchy one that’s perfect for your product or service. The local TV channels are full of commercials for plumbers or window companies that have corny but very catchy jingles! Don’t be afraid to enlist help to create one. Or hold a contest on your social media pages and offer a nice prize for the best one. Wall Drug has successfully used the promise of “free ice water” (and a billboard campaign that blankets the nation) to draw tourists to its whimsical South Dakota store. You get the idea. Once you create your slogan, gimmick or clever logo, display it everywhere: on signs, T-shirts, pens, balloons, water bottles and coasters. Your company name will be remembered indefinitely for that mascot, slogan or jingle.