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Posted: April 08, 2022 5 min read

What turns a giveaway into a favorite promotional product? Is it because the item is useful? Fun? Colorful? Cool? Or is it because the item perfectly represents the brand imprinted on it? It’s all these things and more.


Every day, our customers find new promo items and new ways to use them. We’ve collected some of their stories to help you find your next favorite promotional item.


Drinkware: Sip, sip, hooray for this classic giveaway

Water. Coffee. Wine. The magic of drinkware is that people are always thirsty—both for something to drink and for a favorite promotional item.

  • “We absolutely love our second shipment of the campfire mugs. Our customers do too! We will definitely be ordering again. We have people ordering a cupcake placed inside the mug for Valentine’s Day. So much fun!” – Heather from Delectable Delights
  • “In celebration of Supermarket Employee Day – 2-22-2022 – we are giving all of our 375 amazing employees this engraved mug with cash inside as a Thank You for all of their hard work over these last two years.” – Nancy from Oregon Dairy
  • “Our clients were so excited to receive a gift [mug] from us. They were not expecting it. Thanks for helping us spread the cheer.” – Danny from Centro De Inmigracion
  • “Newborns in Need chapters [use these bags to] deliver basic items in Newborn Immediate Need Kits in communities across the United States.” – Connie from Newborns in Need


Pens: Imprinting memories in customers’ minds

Pens are the giveaway that pulls people in, and the leave-behind that ensures your brand is never forgotten. That’s what makes pens a favorite promotional item for businesses and customers.

  • “Our public library ran a promotion where we were collecting positive library stories to share with our legislators. Anyone who completed our ‘Tell Us Why You LOVE Your Library’ postcard got to keep the branded pen. People LOVED the pens even more than we anticipated – they were a huge hit!” – Jessica from East Central
  • “Our architects are pen snobs, and this Sharpie® Pen was a hit! Success!!” – Ronald from FEH Design
  • “Our techs are always losing or leaving pens behind after a job. We decided we might as well put our name on them so our clients will have our info handy. We’re very impressed with the quality and the great look. Thank you!” – Maria from JMK Garage Doors
  • “The WKU School of Media uses our Value Stick Pens for recruitment events throughout the year.” – Teresa from Western Kentucky University


Logoed bags: Get carried away with your brand

Give them away empty. Fill them with supplies. Either way, branded bags are an ideal way to care for and connect with customers.

  • “We bought totes [similar to these] to give to every runner in a charity 5k & Half Marathon on Seabrook Island, SC. They looked great and the runners loved them!!” – Patrick from 2021 Bohicket Marica 5K and Half Marathon
  • “We love our new totes for all things yarn and more & so do our customers!” – Brenda from Cast On Yarn Studio
  • “Doing Good in the Hood uses the bag to give away to the less fortunate. They are able to take the bags and fill the bags up with toiletries, food, clothes and other giveaways.” – Kim from Doing Good in the Hood
  • “This heavy canvas tote bag is used to carry sample brick mini panels around. The panels weigh about 6# each, and the bag holds about 10 mini panels. Our customers love the tote bag for the ease of carrying multiple mini panels for their projects.” – James from John H. Black Company


Apparel: Wear your message with pride

Need to thank staff members? Grab attention at events? Celebrate a milestone? Apparel lets you do all of this and more. That’s why it’s a favorite promotional product.

  • “This is Mo, sporting his new Crossland® Fleece jacket. My tavern sponsors a few golf teams for various local events, and they’ll be the best dressed players at outings this year!” – Lisa from Wally Wheelz Inn
  • “The embroidery you offer is top-notch! We have found it to be very effective in growing our organization’s brand. We utilize it both for our organization team on various apparel products as well as revenue-generating products. The lined knit winter hat is a fan favorite. It is well built and can withstand the harsh cold we have on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. Product quality is paramount. We plan to warm more heads in 2022!” – Davin from MNST
  • Soft shell camo jackets are a gift to key employees as we enter our 20th year in business.” – Amy from Joe Safety
  • “Our teen volunteers wore it all summer and loved it. We loved it because the shirts were so bright we could keep [an] eye on them from a mile away!” – Marie from Denver Police


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