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Posted: May 07, 2021 3 min read

With the return of warmer weather comes the return of farmers markets in many communities. With the ongoing pandemic, many people may be wary of gatherings, even if they are outdoors. Promotional products can help encourage them to stop by while also stressing the importance of hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing. After all, safety comes first! 4imprint’s market manager, Michelle, says the hugely popular Oshkosh Farmers Market in Oshkosh, WI, shows how promotional products can make a difference.



If you’re planning an event, these helpful tips—and some promotional giveaways—can help bring visitors back.

Promotional reminders

In Oshkosh, organizers saw a massive attendance increase after they introduced promotional giveaways for the seasonal farmers markets. Oshkosh is known as Wisconsin’s Event City, with 40 or more major events each year. With so much going on, residents sometimes need a reminder about specific, smaller events, like the farmers market. Logoed T-shirts and totes become walking billboards when worn around town, reminding residents of the event and possibly prompting out-of-town guests to ask about it. Limited edition tote bags for the Oshkosh Farmers Market had ‘Meet me at my happy place,’ written on them.

“I think this year, we all need a happy place,” Michelle said.

Tote Bag

Safety advocates

Covid is still a concern in most areas. Well-planned events can be a bright spot in a stressful time.  Organizers should do everything they can to help visitors feel safe. That means urging people to wear masks, providing sanitizer stations (#159396) and encouraging social distancing. At the Oshkosh Farmers Market, the focus was on letting people get their fruits, veggies and crafts quickly—and then urging them not to linger too long. T-shirts had the message ‘Get your tomatoes and get the kale home’ on them. Michelle explains, it was a humorous way to remind visitors to “get in and out as safely as possible.”

To really encourage safety, make your promotional giveaways part of the message. Face masks, hand sanitizer and no-contact tools are sure to be appreciated.

Contactless tool

Engagement experts

Smaller events, like a farmers market, can become the highlight for many communities. Michelle calls them “total community events”. They bring friends together and provide a fun activity for families. Promotional products like t-shirts, hoodies and caps “keep customers, vendors and the community engaged,” she said.

If your event is outdoors, take the weather into account when planning your farmers’ market promotional items. Hand fans, disposable ponchos and sunscreen will be hot items this summer.

Hand Fans

Traffic builders

Promotional products can also help boost your event’s bottom line. Sell limited-edition items with fun messaging as a fundraiser. In Oshkosh, organizers created special bags for both the winter and summer farmers markets. In winter, colorful totes were extremely popular. Michelle credits a tenfold increase in winter attendance (2,000 people) in part to the totes. The items raise money for the farmers market, spread the word about the event and encourage people to buy more (after all, they now have a bag to fill!).

Thanks to clever messaging and farmers market promotional items, you can help bring people back to your event. With these tips and giveaways, your next event will be ‘in the bag’!