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Posted: January 15, 2021 | Updated: February 16, 2021 5 min read

Sometimes businesses want to promote a specific product or service. Other times they simply want to raise brand awareness. And nonprofits like to thank their supporters and hand out gifts to the people they help. For some “swagspiration,” read these stories shared by our customers about the best promotional items they’ve used.

Promo gifts to keep you top of mind

The best promotional items are those that customers and potential customers remember for a long time.

  • “I’m using it as promotional material to get more listings. I’m an American living in Toronto, a Realtor in Canada relocating Americans to Canada. I like it because this calendar adjusts to each new year and clients will most likely not throw it out!” – Josie Carrillo, Broker Right at Home Realtors
  • “I am using these awesome pens as a business card! They are a hit! Guaranteed to be used by the recipient and not thrown away as a paper card would! I give to customers in their order, to waiters and waitresses with their tip, and I made packets up for teachers to use as they return to school!” – Rhonda
  • “I just started a new company, and this is a great reminder to current and new customers. So far the response has been fantastic—everyone needs a note pad!” – Ron from Plastic Fabrication Company
  • “A pic from our online campaign promoting our AM Logo hat. These hats are sold at our concerts [pre-pandemic] and in our online store at andrewmartinmusic.com.” – Andrew from Andrew Martin Music

Giveaways that were a huge hit

You know you’ve discovered a top giveaway when people can’t stop talking about it. Even better—you know that means they’ll continue to use it!

  • “To bring some cheer to our residents’ children who were having a birthday during the COVID lockdown, Rockwood Firefighters were able to send a couple of fire trucks to put the lights and sirens on to help wish them a Happy Birthday. They also handed out frisbees to each child from the fire truck. Well received by the community.” – Bernie
  • “The Fandanas were a huge hit!! Everyone loved their versatility. Some wore them as scarves, others on their head, and still others as scrunchies and belts. Amazing and great buy!” – Sue
  • “I ordered these fabulous custom toques for my Emergency Services team. My team is made up of volunteers who are on call 24/7 to assist those affected by house fires and other disasters. These toques will be a gift to thank them for their amazing service to our community…while keeping their heads warm at the same time. 🙂 They are absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to give them to my wonderful volunteers.” – Monique from Mission Fire Rescue
  • “We are celebrating our 150th Anniversary of my town and decided to sell some [metal keychains] as a souvenir and love it!” – Tammie

Functional branded gifts

Whether your organization wants to give customers something meaningful or your team is looking for a useful product, here are some of the best promotional items, according to our customers.

  • “We are giving our pens away to every customer who spends $5 or more in our store. EVERYONE LOVES THEM! Thanks, 4imprint!” – Shalin from Campbellford Lifestyle Shop
  • Koozies are not just for beer!! keeping my Tim’s warm and my fingers safe:)” – Stephen from Stephen George
  • “Optik IQ is giving out one of these awesome looking bottles at every new appointment. [The company] provides cognitive training methods that help with rehabilitation from traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions.” – Jack from Optik IQ
  • Towels are for our swim team. Great towel that doesn’t become wet during a whole swim session!!” – Steven from Blazt

Warming hearts and hands with drinkware

A functional gift that keeps your customers cozy and hydrated—and is also appealing to the eye—is a hard-to-beat promotion.

  • “Love these tall camp mugs! Beautiful large and tall mugs. The mug colours are bright and the logo print is perfect. Can’t wait to get these out on the shelves.” – Monique from Blind River
  • “I use my travel mugs as thank-you gifts to clients!! They have a been a huge hit… bold colours, elegant design, sleek contours, great quality!! The gifts are always well-received!” – Christopher from CJ Evans Home Designs
  • “We love to gift things [travel mugs] to our Doctors [to] remind them about the important work they do…we also like them to stay well hydrated and caffeinated.” – Kim from Mission
  • “We gave these mugs to all of our staff! Great for coffee, tea or soup!” – Nancy

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